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Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™

“Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ is our unique method of dealing with the critical elements of successful technology innovation and transformation projects.”

Steve Jackson, Chairman, Xoomworks Technology

Xoomworks OneTeam ApproachTM

Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ is a mindset, contrary to the traditional way of working.

It is ethos and guidelines rather than strict methodology, an approach to work that we apply to all that we do – internally and externally.

Based on two key foundations - cultural alignment and communication - we believe this approach is key to building trust.

It helps us and our Customers to build long-term relationships, to get rid of politics, to keep the focus on the objective and to build strong problem-solving teams.

We make sure both parties understand the Xoomworks OneTeam Approach TM and buy-in and from the start of our partnership define the team and its project objectives.

Starting from a position of trust, we are open from the start and make the first move - we encourage all in the participants to communicate at all levels.

Asking questions and to clarify is not something to be afraid of as problems and issues get discussed and solved together, and all are held to account. No-one is more important than the success of the team. We are all responsible for the outcome – good or bad.

Traditional thinking and planning, the feeling of lost control, and admission of errors can be uncomfortable at first – which is why not everyone chooses to work in this way.

We find it a much less stressful and much more productive way to work.


The unique Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ methodology deals with the critical elements of successful technology innovation and transformation projects.

  • Cultural alignment
  • Communication

The Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ removes the barriers between our team and your organisation:

  • Your problems are our problems and vice versa
  • Problems are dealt with as a single entity. The language of “us and them” is never used
  • Our partner organisations treat the Xoomworks part of the team as one of their own for all elements of the relationship. For example training, information sharing, branding, involvement in company events, visits to offices and much more.

Value for you

  • Effective and efficient teams bring solutions to market faster, using fewer resources
  • Trust as an integral part of the methodology, reduces the time management spends overseeing a project
  • Internal teams become free to deliver revenue generating projects with less time managing an external team or reworking poorly delivered projects

The Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ enables fast-growing organisations to achieve superior value

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The Xoomworks Technology team’s outstanding performance for the Paddy Power Betfair Sportsbook integration projects has been achieved with a velocity, quality and commitment highly valuable to Paddy Power Betfair.

Paul Cutter
CTO, Paddy Power Betfair

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