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Why Xoomworks

Our business is built on solid relationships and our Customers continue to use us because of our unique and flexible approach.

Our Customers range from start-ups exploring brand new technologies through to some of the world's largest enterprises, and in each case, we tailor our project approach to provide the greatest possible value and showcase our shared strengths.

One of the main reasons our Customers choose to work with us is that they want to avoid the cumbersome and inflexible agreements large IT service providers aim to enforce.

Often laden with contracts which take months of negotiation many of these providers focus on large projects and selling in large teams – most of which aren’t always nearshore.

Many Customers feel limited in their options and that their projects are too small. This being the case, they often struggle to find a partner they feel they can work with.

Customers are looking for a strategic partnership, one that is going to deliver much more than just project outsourcing.

One particular Customer, for example, wanted a 100-150 people team which needed to include: HR functions, payroll services, support services, operations, and on-site resources.

They could’ve gone into partnership with the big players but were concerned about the negatives mentioned above. They chose Xoomworks Technology because they wanted additional value-add services like: small teams, single resources, proof of concepts, MVPs and rapid prototyping. They wanted to run short-period projects (sprints) while building and getting to know their own resource pool.

We are finding that more and more Customers want this. They want the flexibility that a large service provider simply cannot offer.

Business decisions are made continuously - business spikes along the line lead to a need to change project scopes frequently.

Customers want to build end-to-end solutions with an agile partner who can deliver a proof of concept as well as provide ad-hoc resources for both larger and smaller projects at the same time.

Customers can't always know when they might need a new project while developing another.

They need an organization that can handle exactly that - one that can give flexible solutions, handle projects, backlogs of projects of various lengths and offers a strategy to give Customers the opportunity to build even more together.

We, at Xoomworks Technology, partner with Customers and invest in such a partnership.

One of our core differences is the fact that we care – we care about our Customers, our employees, our partners, and the community. We strongly believe in flexibility and “doing what it takes”, together, as one team, to make the relationship work.

We believe the key guiding principles for the long-term success of our partnerships include:

  • Open Communication
  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Flexibility

Xoomworks OneTeam Approach TM

Our Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ actively encourages our engineers to work with their counterparts in an open, two-way relationship aimed at achieving shared objectives. We have found this approach very effective with our Agile team clients as it erases barriers between the Customer and development teams to ensure that:

  • Customer’s problems are Xoomworks Technology’s problems and vice versa.
  • All problems are dealt with as a single entity - ‘us and them’ language is not used.
  • Customers treat Xoomworks Technology part of the team as their own e.g. training, information sharing, branding, involvement in company events.
  • Our Customers feel that Xoomworks Technology is part of their team and a fully integrated part of the business.
  • Personal relationships are built when Customers visit team(s) or have their team(s) on-site on a regular basis. This has demonstrated being highly cost-effective.

Caring about the little things, we understand that business is about people, not technology, and the things that matter that make a collective difference to your success.

We understand that successful working relationships are built on trust, respect and most importantly honesty.

We, at Xoomworks Technology, will talk about the risks, failures, and problems projects might face and we speak up to Customers about what goes or can go wrong – and Customers noted that during their interview processes we were the only ones to prepare them that things don’t always go smoothly, might not work out in one way, and offered solutions on how they could be taken in a different way.

We estimate that through our industry-focused solutions we positively impact thousands of people’s lives on a daily basis.
Our Customer and industry focus is driven by our continued investment in our people and partnerships.

A true partnership is the starting point for any engagement and sets Xoomworks Technology apart from the competition. We understand you, your business requirements and ambitions.

We know that by working together we achieve more; we genuinely put our Customers and users at the heart of everything that we do. We place an emphasis on listening to your needs and working in partnership to fully understand what is expected of us.

Delivering first-class results and making our Customers’ lives easier through the delivery of our best-of-class solutions that increase employee productivity and elevate brands.

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