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One year on: working at Xoomworks Technology, a specialist digital product team within Accenture

by | October 18, 2022

It has been a year since Accenture announced its acquisition of Xoomworks Technology to enhance its digital transformation capabilities in Europe. The change has led Xoomworks Technology to focus on its strengths, resulting in a natural shift from an outsourced software development business to a specialist digital product unit within Accenture.

We spoke to Tatyana Aladjova, HR Partner at Xoomworks Technology, to ask how the Talent Acquisition teams have changed their approach to hiring and what it now means for employees and future hires working at Xoomworks Technology, part of Accenture.

How has the acquisition impacted the hiring processes?

Perhaps the biggest and most exciting change when it comes to hiring talent is how we position Xoomworks Technology in the market. Before the acquisition, we were a software engineering outsourcing company; now that we are part of Accenture, we have refocused our activities and offering around our strongest areas of experience, expertise and capability – UX and Product.   

We have always been a people-centric company, and that hasn’t changed. A candidate’s first interaction with the company is always with someone from the Xoomworks talent acquisition team. During the initial meeting, which is more of a two-way conversation than an interview, we try to understand who they are as a person, their motivations, what they are looking for and if they would be a good cultural fit. We also assess them for softer skills such as communication, teamwork, and collaboration, all of which are critical attributes we look for if they are to adapt quickly to our OneTeam Approach to product development.

What is the onboarding process like now?

Our onboarding programme is key to setting our new team members up for success. An employee’s first few days will help them become familiar with Accenture global and the bigger picture. Both Accenture and Xoomworks Technology share common values and so there’s a strong emphasis on ethics, integrity and respect; it’s the foundation on which we work together as a team – and with our clients.

On the Xoomworks side, we believe that once part of the team, you need to feel comfortable working and communicating directly with our executive leadership team. We give all new joiners time to get to know them – and vice versa. We schedule one-to-one meetings with an open, fluid agenda, giving them the opportunity to ask questions and share initial observations. It helps them  raise their profile internally from the start and to know that we value them.

If someone is going to jump right in to work on a client project, they will receive full 360 onboarding, including online and face-to-face sessions with Accenture, Xoomworks Technology and the client.

What are the opportunities for development and growth now that Xoomworks Technology is part of Accenture?

We have always encouraged each of our employees to control their own destiny and choose a career path that is right for them. Now that we are part of Accenture, we have been able to formalise the approach. Everyone is assigned a People Lead – a mix between mentor and coach. The role of the People Lead is to listen, advise and support us throughout the year; they represent our interests during annual performance reviews when it comes to conversations around skillsets, development areas and promotion.  Accenture has focused heavily on developing People Leads within Xoomworks Technology; that way, we can be assigned to someone who may already know us and with whom we are comfortable sharing conversations about our future careers.

We also have an additional mentoring programme, which we have rolled over from Xoomworks Technology days. This is designed to help keep skillsets and competencies at a company level rather than an individual level. It’s a way of disseminating technical skills or people management skills throughout the organisation. We continue to invest in this programme in terms of educating our team about what mentoring is and how it can help you grow professionally and personally.

Accenture has an impressive amount of training and development resources that are now accessible to the Xoomworks Technology team. This includes an annual curriculum of courses, sessions, and articles for all of Accenture Technology employees accessed via an interactive portal that is customized by role and level.

We also meet with Accenture colleagues outside of ATC, including team who have joined through Acquisitions. In this way, not only do we have opportunity to broaden our network but to share experience and learn from each other.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining Xoomworks Technology?

It’s a truly exciting time to be joining us as we steer our course from a software engineering outsourcing company to specialist digital product team within Accenture Technology. It’s an opportunity to make difference and participate in developing and shaping our strategy and our future.  

Being part of Accenture truly offers our people the best of both worlds; we maintain our agile, entrepreneurial spirit and unique culture AND we are part of a global brand with a strong operational infrastructure, vision and reach. This frees us up to focus on creating value.

As a people-centric tech company, we’ve been delighted that many of the benefits that come with working for Accenture are focused on well-being.  In addition to medical health plans, employees have a dedicated well-being online hub with access to premium apps and access to therapists. There are other social benefits too such as opportunities for volunteering or taking part in Accenture’s Global Citizen programme of activities.  Employees also receive monthly cashless benefits vouchers that they can exchange online for meals, gym classes, or even family health and dental cover.

By combining the best of both worlds and everything they have to offer, we’ve created a very attractive proposition.

Xoomworks Technology – now part of Accenture, is a specialist Digital Product team within Accenture Technology, dedicated to building end-to-end digital products that people love to use, and delivering value-focused outcomes for clients.

We are growing our team of digital product legends. We need problem-solvers to help our digitally ambitious clients achieve their goals through amazing teamwork. We value creative thinkers with a product mindset who care deeply about the end-user experience, delivering value, and a successful product. Our clients are globally respected brands looking to transform digitally, as well as innovators and leaders in their sector.

Join our fun, close-knit team, and we will give you the support and opportunities to excel. Be assured that we will recognise your potential and value your work. Ours is a “culture inside a culture” at Accenture, where you will also have access to the wide range of choices, benefits and career pathways that Accenture offers.

Ready to start a conversation about your future with us? Look at our vacancies here, or connect directly with our talent lead – Eleonora Varguleva.