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Why tech innovation projects start with trust

by | November 10, 2021

Bringing the Xoomworks OneTeam ApproachTM to life

Trust and open and transparent communication underpin how the OneTeam approach helps solve problems and find solutions for Xoomworks Technology clients.

One of the go-to people for problem-solving across platforms and applications, Florin Chiorean has been with Xoomworks Technology for almost seven years, developing his knowledge first in technical support and now he is a Senior .NET Developer. With several languages and technologies under his belt, his most recent project involved the Internet of Things (IoT), which has just gone live on the production floor of a major car manufacturer.

Trust breeds results

For Florin, the heart of the OneTeam approach is the mutual trust that develops between his team and Xoomworks’ clients.

Establishing a connection with the client on a personal and professional basis is easy when both partners practice openness and transparency in their communications.

“We take care not to over-promise and disappoint,” says Florin. “We prove our competence over time and build trust in each other. When the relationship is working well, we feel we are in the same boat, navigating the river of delivery. All the participants feel comfortable and trust each other to deliver what they promise.”

Great working relationships can take time to develop; in Florin’s experience, the turning point comes when people feel free to make suggestions, raise issues and contribute to joint solutions. The IoT project started as an idea, and neither side knew whether it would work. But with excellent collaboration, it developed into a proof-of-concept build, and finally, a system that has streamlined the production process and avoided costly downtime.

“Because we trusted each other, we found we were listening to each other more. When we proposed delaying the deployment for a week so we could make sure it was fully tested, the client agreed and worked closely with us to run on-site scenarios to identify any bugs,” says Florin. “We even proposed new features which were not in the original specification, which I am proud to say became part of the final product.”

Support: a virtuous circle

Open access to Xoomworks Technology leaders is key for all Xoomworks employees and helps teams bind together faster. For Florin, the simple presence of a Senior Director for Delivery at a client meeting is evidence that Xoomworks has confidence in his team. “It gave a clear signal to our client that we were all in this together and quickly built a circle of trust around the team. “

“As trust deepened, we were able to reduce the frequency of meetings and move much of our communication to ad-hoc online channels. People felt comfortable about firing off questions to each other at any time to get the answers they needed quickly.”

Everything is always possible; we just need to work out how!

It’s usually a business challenge that drives a solution, but some solutions develop out of blue-sky ideas. The auto industry IoT project was an example; nobody knew if it would work when it kicked off. We first needed an intense period of discovery to understand the technology. The team started by visiting the factory to get under the skin of the existing processes. “The question quickly changed from ‘Can it be done?’ to ‘How do we do it?’ We didn’t know much about the client’s business at that stage, and they weren’t familiar with the technology we needed to use, but a ‘let’s try it’ attitude helped us build something completely new,” explains Florin. “We mined the internet to explore possibilities and used resources such as Udemy to build the knowledge and skills we would need.”

OneTeam role models

Florin is now recruiting talent to support the product in production, and Xoomworks values are already shaping the future careers of these individuals. The candidates are aligned with development in front-end development, quality assurance, or dev ops. They will be encouraged to use downtime to explore the options and influence their own career paths.

When asked what he would tell the new joiners about the OneTeam approach, Florin explained his thinking. “It’s a difficult concept to teach,” he says. “The best way to appreciate what it means is to spend time with people who are already living it. Once they join our team and find out how it feels to be part of a group that trusts and understands each other, I am confident they will love it. They will quickly start to exhibit the same behaviours that we have found to be so successful, reinforcing Xoomworks’ policy of providing mentors and role models for our new colleagues.”

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