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Support structures ensure multi-country remote teams deliver better

by | August 31, 2021

Bringing the Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ to life

Multi-country and remote teams deliver better when they are collaborating effectively and sharing knowledge and expertise. A good support structure helps Xoomworks Technology employees grow professionally and personally – benefitting them and clients too.

Alexandra Petre has 12 years of experience in software engineering, almost half of which have been at Xoomworks Technology. Progressing from a mid-level software engineer, she is now a Team Lead looking after one of Xoomworks’ longest-standing clients in the travel sector.

With a particular interest in people management, Alexandra runs one of Xoomworks’ personal development bubbles, helping team members achieve their career objectives.

‘OneTeam’ in practice

A software engineers’  job relies on seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing so that we can identify the problem and come up with the best way to solve it. The Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ is central to Alexandra’s role as a Team Lead of software engineers. “My team of engineers work out of three different countries collaborating with both Xoomworks Technology and our client teams. To be effective, we have to collaborate seamlessly, share our knowledge and expertise, and find solutions together as a single borderless team.”

It’s a culture that encourages a pro-active mindset, one where individuals are always looking for ways to improve communication, collaboration techniques and knowledge sharing. “At first, it takes a conscious effort to follow these behaviours, but after a while, it becomes a habit, and we find that everyone is actively looking for better ways to deliver outcomes that benefit our clients,” says Alexandra. “If we hear the words ‘us’ or ‘them’, these are subtle warnings that we are not 100% aligned – but that is rare!”

Business understanding creates better solutions

Whilst Alexandra’s team focuses on providing technical solutions, the close integration of the Xoomworks Technology teams and the client team helps ensure that everyone is fully immersed in the client’s business. “We have a deep understanding of other products and services in the client organisation, the challenges the industry faces, and why we need to build products that deliver on all the client’s objectives. These insights help us develop products that are closely aligned with the overall objectives of the business.”

An essential support system

Xoomworks Technology has systems, structures, and processes to support its staff, and Alexandra is involved in a couple of these initiatives. “I run a personal development bubble, which helps people reach their personal objectives. We meet as a group of 6 on the last Friday of each month and share issues, problems and tips to help people grow within the organisation. It isn’t limited to technical matters but being engineers that is what we tend to focus on!”

Another structure that supports growth within the company is our five Practices: Data, Front-end, Agile, Products and Quality Assurance. New employees are encouraged to join one of these Practices and keep up to date with the latest thinking in the discipline. “We have a log of topics in the Agile practice suggested by employees and choose one of these to discuss at each monthly meeting. Experts in Xoomworks Technology share relevant knowledge and expertise. If we have a specific training requirement, we will engage an outside resource to provide a self-study course in weekly chunks for example.”

Mentoring is another way of supporting employees in their professional development. Although not formally involved in this scheme, Alexandra has informally called on colleagues as a sounding board for ideas and help. “The supportive environment at Xoomworks Technology gives me the confidence to seek help when I need it. I feel comfortable asking questions and asking for advice” says Alexandra.

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