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Life as a junior developer at Xoomworks Technology

by | August 4, 2022

Xoomworks Technology is hiring junior talent, investing in their ongoing training and development and giving them the opportunities to succeed. It’s a strategic approach to building high-performing digital product teams.

We spoke to Miruna Haiduc and Roxana Motorga, who joined Xoomworks Technology as junior developers a year ago. They shared their insights on what it’s like to work at Xoomworks Technology and their experience so far.

What was it that first attracted you to Xoomworks Technology?

First and foremost, it was the talent programme and the ongoing learning and development opportunities that attracted us. From our first conversation with the new talent lead, it was clear they would invest in our ongoing training and development and encourage us to try new things. That’s really important because when you first start out as a junior developer, you will probably have an idea of the area you want to specialise in; when you’re in the real world, you may find that you’re better suited to or more passionate about something else.

As we progressed through the hiring and onboarding process and had the opportunity to meet different team members, it was clear that the Xoomworks Technology culture was the right fit too. It’s a friendly and supportive environment that recognises the potential and value of people. Of course, the flexible working aspect came into it too.

What has been the main highlight of your journey at Xoomworks Technology so far?

The most exciting thing that’s happened is that we were given the opportunity to get involved in a real-life project just five months after joining the company.

We joined the project team as junior front-end developers. It’s an internal project that’s part of the organisation’s ongoing initiative to innovate internally. We’re designing a tool that will be used company- wide to enable everyone within the organisation to get real-time access to information about any of our projects. The fully searchable tool will replace the need to capture vast volumes of data in an excel spreadsheet, making it quick and easy to add new projects and keep the information updated.

How has being involved in the project benefited you?

It’s been amazing to be involved in such a high-profile internal project. We’ve been able to put the technology and skills we learned during training into practice. It’s giving us valuable insight into the end-to-end digital product development process, allowing us to experience how a project runs and a good understanding of the key stakeholders and what they need from us to do their job successfully.

As developers, of course our technical capabilities are key, but being involved in this project has also helped us work on some of the other skills that are needed to be a successful developer at Xoomworks Technology, like communication, teamwork and collaboration.

Can you tell us something about the team environment and dynamics?

We felt very involved and part of the team from day one. Everyone has been very supportive. We’re encouraged to ask questions no matter how basic or “silly” they seem. It doesn’t matter if we don’t know all the answers; it’s a safe environment where we feel comfortable asking for help.

It’s also a very collaborative environment. As developers, our main responsibility is coding, but we’re also encouraged to contribute to other aspects of the project, such as UX/UI design. Everyone on the team has their own area of expertise, but we all collaborate and contribute to the overall success of the project.

We’ve also been allocated tasks that we are individually responsible for. Once expectations are set, and we’ve had the opportunity to ask questions, we’re trusted to run with things. The feeling of empowerment and ability to take ownership has inspired us to do even better. Yes, we’re junior developers and this is our first project, but we want to show everyone what we’re capable of and to exceed expectations. And we’ve been given the opportunity, support, and freedom to do just that.

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