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Is this the best and healthiest way to grow a business?

by | September 17, 2021

It has been almost a year since Xoomworks Technology MD, Ildiko Sas, completed the Oxford Said Business School’s Women in Leadership Development Programme. Covid-19 meant the course was moved to an online model – the advantage was that 250 women from all over the world could attend. In fact, it couldn’t have been timed better; it was immensely helpful in working through the challenges she faced, working from home, as an MD during the pandemic.

The course was the perfect opportunity to take Ildiko out of her comfort zone, provide time to reflect, and gain from the breadth of knowledge and different experiences from women at all stages of their careers. Their stories and shared experiences made her realize how fortunate she was to lead within an organization with a strong organizational culture, and where women are proactively encouraged to grow and develop. 

Don’t stop me now!

 Xoomworks Technology offers equal opportunities for all its employees; this ‘borderless’ tech firm is proactive and purposeful about providing additional support to women in tech who wish to progress to leadership roles.

“We believe that with the right skills and development, nothing should stop anyone from realizing their ambitions and reaching their full potential at work.  Not even the fact that they may have to work flexibly to fit around the needs of a young family. We feel strongly that this is the best and healthiest way to grow the business.”

And it’s not just about being flexible around family needs. Ildiko gives an example of a Senior Engineer – a woman who chose to join Xoomworks specifically because it was the only company in her local market that allowed her to work remotely:

“She did not want to have to choose between her career and living in a place where she had worked hard to build a life.  And we supported that.  Not only did she live happily where she wanted to – she did a cracking job in delivering to the client remotely!”

Making ways for women to be heard

A supportive culture, investment in leadership training and education and an effective mentoring programme are all cornerstones to ensuring more women in tech have access to leadership roles.  However, Ildiko believes that organizations that want to see a better gender balance in their leadership ranks will only see a step change when they start changing behaviors.


Another critical aspect of the Xoomworks culture is trust. It forms the basis of all its relationships – both internally and externally.  As Ildiko says: “Trust in each other…. that is the very definition of a team.” Trust lies at the core of the Xoomworks OneTeam Approach. It is a purposefully crafted methodology that has evolved over the last two decades and has proven to create value for employees and clients alike.

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Good for business

It is a supportive culture, the right mindset and behaviors that allowed Xoomworks to navigate the pandemic successfully; the Group has reported its best run-rate growth this year and has onboarded over 50 new team members in the first half of 2021 alone.

 Xoomworks Technology wins clients on the strength of their expertise, knowledge and approach.  They also have earned a reputation for being good problem-solvers.  And here is when the benefits of having a diverse workforce – not just regarding gender – come into play. As Ildiko says:

“We see the benefits of a diverse workforce every day at Xoomworks, where different people, with different perspectives, bring novel and interesting ways to problem-solving.”

As the business world seeks to find its feet post-crisis, many organizations are considering a “hybrid” return to the office. Employment experts are concerned that this could further impact the gender gap; it will most likely be more women who opt to work from home, while the men are more likely to go into the office, making women less visible and adversely affecting their careers. 

Companies are being encouraged to counteract this with a different cultural model and by staying proactive in monitoring the impact of their policy decisions. That way they can ensure that women are getting more access to opportunities. (Switch to more home working after Covid will make gender inequality worse”, The Guardian, June 2021)

From that perspective, Xoomworks Technology is ahead of the game.

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