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Freedom and support for a high-performing digital product team to make their mark

by | August 4, 2021

Whether you join our high-performing digital product teams as a software engineer or a product manager, Xoomworks Technology – now part of Accenture – provides the support framework and freedom so that team members can take the initiative to deliver value for our clients and feel like they are making an impact.

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First-day fears dispelled

Joining a new company can be stressful, especially when if you are new to the experience of working for the hiring company and immediately taking on a management role within their client’s team. New managers and team leads will naturally have concerns about managing a team of people from both organizations and have to learn how to navigate two structures and cultures from day one.

Mila Gencheva is a Sofia University graduate with over 10 years’ experience in project and product management across various industries, including telecommunications and higher education sectors. She has been at Xoomworks Technology, now part of Accenture as a Product Manager working with a world-leading business publication for almost two years now.

“This situation was a first for me,” says Mila. “But I needn’t have worried, as the Xoomworks’ OneTeam Approach is a tried and tested method for working together as an integrated team. I quickly realized that underpinning the One Team way of working is a carefully thought-out environment with systems and processes to support me and ensure that I am effective in my role.”

Badgeless Teams

One of the central principles of the OneTeam approach is that individuals do not identify as belonging to one organization or another. Often, client-side people won’t know whether someone in the team is employed by their organization or by Xoomworks; that is how it should be.

Mila explains that from the start, there was no distinction between internal or external resources.

“I was introduced to the client as a new member of their team, not as a new Xoomworks employee, and have never felt like an external resource. The OneTeam approach mandates a single set of behaviours, code of conduct and ethics. This lack of separation affects your mindset, and you quickly get on board with the client’s vision and aspirations. Objectives and challenges become ‘ours’ rather than ‘theirs’, and we jointly own the goals and outcomes.”

A supportive environment

The OneTeam approach was developed in partnership with clients. It is built on Xoomworks’ values and makes them real in the everyday lives of employees. Caring for each other is a real thing, not a slogan. Mila has many examples of where this support structure has made a difference. “I have always felt I can reach out to people who can help – and have done so many times. I once even texted a Xoomworks colleague at 11 pm on a Saturday night who immediately wanted to know how to help. I’ve always received the support I needed. It’s very reassuring to know there’s a pool of experienced professionals at Xoomworks Technology that I can call on when there are complex problems to solve.”

Freedom to build a legacy

Xoomworks believe in giving individuals the freedom to take the initiative. When combined with the way Xoomworks teams immerse themselves deep in the client’s business, it can deliver some unexpected outcomes. With both Xoomworks and the client putting their faith in Mila, she felt empowered to go above and beyond the scope of individual projects.

“As you become more familiar with the client’s business, you sometimes spot opportunities for improvement. I took the initiative to bring together a group of people who weren’t aware of each other’s work in a particular field to explore new possibilities. Nobody put up any barriers or challenged that this was not in the scope of my deliverables. Because of the freedom to act and speak out within the OneTeam culture, clients often experience un-planned benefits that have a positive impact three or even five years down the line.”

Advice for newcomers

Mila has some advice for those starting to work in our OneTeam culture for the first time. “Don’t make any distinctions between working for Xoomworks Technology and working with a client. We are all one family (it really feels like that!) and you will find that you all become more effective. When people ask me who I work for, I say: “I work at Xoomworks Technology, which is now part of Accenture with a specific client.”

“It’s important to try to lose the ‘project’ mindset. If you limit your horizons to the project scope alone you will miss out on some interesting work and challenges, and the client may miss out on unexpected benefits and outcomes. You will have a great opportunity to be part of a business, get deep under the skin of the organization, and help move it forward. Embrace the chance to make a difference!”

*Blog updated on 28 June 2022 to reflect that we are now part of Accenture

Xoomworks Technology is now a specialist digital product unit within Accenture with its own unique approach and culture but with all the career opportunities and benefits of being part of an internationally respected brand.

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