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Career Stories: Meet Eduard – “I know that the quality of my work – and our work as a team – matters in this industry”

by | February 1, 2023

Name: Eduard Ursachi

Role: Advanced App Engineer

Location: Romania, Cluj

Joined Xoomworks, part of Accenture, 1.5 years ago

Creating 360° Value

Eduard Ursachi is a Senior Analyst working as an Advanced App Engineer at Xoomworks Technology, part of Accenture. Based in Cluj, Romania, he’s been with the business for just over a year and a half. As an experienced software engineer with expertise and skills in product development, he makes an essential contribution to the business’ high-value projects. But, he tells us, it’s not all about the hard skills.

“Using my experience and expertise, I help accelerate development and solve different problems we encounter when building a client’s software product. Being able to perform well – even under pressure is critical. I know that the quality of my work – and our work as a team – matters in this industry. It’s important to work towards creating and supporting a team that can come together, work well together, and perform exceptionally well. That’s what I strive for. That’s when true 360° value creation happens.

Pathway to promotion

“From the outset, Xoomworks Technology put a lot of trust in me. I joined a project that had big expectations. It would have been daunting had I not had the support of some amazing colleagues. They showed incredible patience and did not hesitate to jump in every time I needed help – and yes, I needed a lot of help when I joined the project! I have to give a huge shout-out to Marius Boeru and Alina Avram; they have mentored me and helped me in this journey. 

Being promoted is recognition that I did a good job and that my work is valuable to the business. But it’s also a reminder that I need to keep up the good work and keep on improving!”

It’s a long way off from the memory of his first stand-up on the project.

“It was funny that I didn’t understand anything anyone was talking about – and I was convinced I would not last out the month!”

A balanced supported work-life

Eduard says he has always had help and support at Xoomworks Technology whenever he needed anything. Although he knows the business has just started on the journey as part of Accenture, his experience has been positive, and he feels they are on a good path!

Eduard believes that achieving work-life harmony is a skill we can all learn – as long as your environment is supportive.

“I’ve learnt that creating a good work-life balance is a skill. We need to learn to manage all our work and personal activities to find the work-life we want.”

His final word of advice to any experienced software engineer considering joining Xoomworks Technology?

“Just go for it!”

Xoomworks Technology – now part of Accenture, is a specialist Digital Product team within Accenture Technology, dedicated to building end-to-end digital products that people love to use, and delivering value-focused outcomes for clients.

We are growing our team of digital product legends. We need problem-solvers to help our digitally ambitious clients achieve their goals through amazing teamwork. We value creative thinkers with a product mindset who care deeply about the end-user experience, delivering value, and a successful product. Our clients are globally respected brands looking to transform digitally, as well as innovators and leaders in their sector.

Join our fun, close-knit team, and we will give you the support and opportunities to excel. Be assured that we will recognise your potential and value your work. Ours is a “culture inside a culture” at Accenture, where you will also have access to the wide range of choices, benefits and career pathways that Accenture offers.

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