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Career Stories: Meet Boyan – “My mission is to make machines talk to users, and users talk to machines”

by | December 13, 2022

Name: Boyan Petkov

Location: Bulgaria, Sofia

Joined Xoomworks, part of Accenture, in June 2022

Boyan is a Senior Product Designer working with the engineering enablement team for a global news brand. It’s an engineering team that supports all the engineers and the tools they need to do their jobs well.

“My mission is to make machines talk to users, and users talk to machines. I find ways to simplify the communication between them. In a world where everything is becoming product-oriented, and human interactions are becoming digitised, it’s the way to go.”

“Right now, I’m building the client’s Problem Hub. It’s a task management and allocation software that groups all the existing problems that engineers need to take care of into themes and tags them by severity level. We’ve introduced filters and integrated JIRA tickets so users can raise a ticket without having to leave the Hub. I am responsible for conducting user research which means talking to four or five end users. I’ll review the interviews to extract the key takeaways and define the user journeys for each of the specific features we want to introduce. Then I move on to creating user flows. If extensive design work is needed, I’ll build the relevant screens. If it’s just going to be an integration with other systems or something that already exists, then I provide directions on how it needs to happen. So far, I’ve built several prototypes, especially for the JIRA integration.”

Boyan is clear about the outcome they are working towards; the organisation needs to ensure engineers have greater visibility of any problems that arise, allowing them to prioritise their tasks and ensuring they never overlook any issues or critical bugs.

The team tend to keep the tech stack simple using Figma and Google Meet. But it can get complicated when you have to work across both client and Accenture systems!

” In the beginning, scheduling meetings was a little chaotic, as they didn’t appear in both systems. We ended up with a few diary conflicts, which was frustrating. I was always worried I would miss critical information if I attended one meeting and not the other. I talked about it with Xoomworks management to see if we could figure out a way to ensure that I – and anyone else on the client team, didn’t miss anything important. In the end, it comes back to team communication. I now tell both my teams when I have another meeting or simply block out the time on my calendars. So far, so good!”

How does Xoomworks support you in your role?

“The Xoomworks UXPO Practice lead has been very helpful – and a good People Lead. I don’t see much of the Design Manager on the client side. Of course, we have regular catch-ups, but the dynamics are different.”  

When it comes to career growth, Boyan knows his career depends on the work he does with the client. Xoomworks relies on client feedback when assessing his performance. After that, its attitude, proactiveness and relationship building within Xoomworks that will make the ultimate difference to his career.

Boyan is also proactive in keeping up with the latest technologies and is always eager to learn something new. “With new frontiers in AR, VT and IoT impacting the user experience, I need to be a quick learner. I am always eager to learn something new. In terms of career progression, I’d like to continue improving my people management skills.”

He appreciates that in Xoomworks – and indeed in the wider Accenture team, he can tap into a community of like-minded professionals and specialists who he can swap notes with. “Whether joining one of the regular Friday seminars or just reaching out for feedback.”

What advice would you give someone looking to come on board?

“Always set expectations from the beginning. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – and don’t make assumptions. That way, you will avoid disappointments. It’s general advice to anyone applying to a new job.”

Xoomworks Technology – now part of Accenture, is a specialist Digital Product team within Accenture Technology, dedicated to building end-to-end digital products that people love to use, and delivering value-focused outcomes for clients.

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