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Career Stories: Meet Adriana – “I had the time to decide what I’d like to do, forging new skills while benefiting our clients”

by | February 8, 2023

Name: Adriana Vosloban

Role: UI/UX Designer

Location: Romania, Cluj

Joined Xoomworks, part of Accenture, 3 years ago

Growing Careers at Xoomworks Technology, part of Accenture

Cluj-based Adriana Vosloban has recently been promoted and we spoke to her to see how her career has grown since she joined the company three years ago.

Adriana started working at Xoomworks Technology’s Romanian office, transitioning from a background in Humanities to a new career in tech. She began at Xoomworks Technology in a technical support role for a key client. From the start, Xoomworks Technology gave Adriana plenty of opportunities to develop all-important soft skills like communication and to experience how it builds digital products for clients, including its OneTeam approach.

Since then, Adriana has moved on to work on a wide range of projects in different roles, including: Front-End Development, Visual Design for Content Management Systems, and UI/UX Design for F4ID – a partnership between Save the Children, Barclays and Standard Chartered for the aid of marginalized communities.

Adriana has also had the chance to work on a high-profile internal search tool for Xoomworks Technology, aimed at making information about past and current client products and platforms more visible to the business.

Ultimately, Adriana has been able to create value for clients and the business whilst growing technical skills in product development and design.

Pathway to promotion

Adriana explains, “Xoomworks Technology, part of Accenture enables people in tech support to progress to a wide range of roles, not just programming and development, but also designer roles, project management, business analysis and scrum masters. I was able to explore front-end development before settling on my current role in UI/UX design.”

“It has been a very interesting dynamic, blending self-study with hands-on, productive experience. Thanks to Xoomworks Technology, I had the time to decide what I’d like to go on to do, forging new skills as I worked while benefiting our clients. The managers on individual projects and my People Leads – a combination of mentor and coach – have all helped me explore opportunities in both front-end and design disciplines and gain new skills in a wide range of technologies.”

Life at Xoomworks, part of Accenture

We asked Adriana what matters most when starting out in a tech career.

“It’s essential to love what you do. Be hungry for knowledge and focus on the areas you found most interesting. When you’re immersed in the fast-moving world of tech, it’s not enough to simply keep up with the changes – you have to learn, stay updated, and use the best practices.”

While Accenture offers an extensive and intuitive self-service learning portal, Xoomworks Technology is also geared towards human interaction, networking and mentoring to support your career journey.

“The combination of hours spent with experts who are open and willing to share their knowledge, experience and self-driven development is key to growing as a person and a team member,” says Adriana.

Adriana joined Xoomworks not long before the Covid lockdowns took place and has had to navigate a remote working environment shorty after. How did that work for her?

“Yes, we worked remotely but kept contact close with daily online meetings and, when we were allowed, we supplemented work interactions with a range of social gatherings, which helped build even stronger connections with colleagues.”

Working at the heart of change

“There have been many standout events during my time at Xoomworks, but probably the most memorable was going to London with the team to meet the F4ID project client. We were able to spend a couple of days with them, get to know them better and help build a product that offers continuous aid to communities in need.”

View from the inside

Xoomworks Technology has a unique culture embodied in its OneTeam approach to working with clients. As part of Accenture, we still retain that culture; however, we are discovering that it aligns perfectly with Accenture’s values and goals: creating client value, building one global network, creating a trusting, open and inclusive environment and attracting, developing and retaining the right kind of talent.

“I remember I was a bit scared when new opportunities came up, with the challenges they brought, but at Xoomworks Technology, the philosophy is that we are all human, so it is OK to fail, and we’ll be here for you and support you with what you need. I’m thankful for the trust my mentors and People Leads have had in me.”

“I want to keep learning. I am now focusing on product design as it seems to be the area that excites me most. This plays to my soft skills and tech know-how, while also gaining insight about business and strategy. I have my sights set on becoming a full-time product designer.”

“It’s great to be able to drive your own learning alongside gaining experience. It’s even better when you are surrounded by supportive people encouraging you in the direction you want to go.”

Adriana’s advice?

“Just go for it! There are a lot of areas that are worth exploring, as well as communities of passionate people willing to share their knowledge and insights.”

Xoomworks Technology – now part of Accenture, is a specialist Digital Product team within Accenture Technology, dedicated to building end-to-end digital products that people love to use, and delivering value-focused outcomes for clients.

We are growing our team of digital product legends. We need problem-solvers to help our digitally ambitious clients achieve their goals through amazing teamwork. We value creative thinkers with a product mindset who care deeply about the end-user experience, delivering value, and a successful product. Our clients are globally respected brands looking to transform digitally, as well as innovators and leaders in their sector.

Join our fun, close-knit team, and we will give you the support and opportunities to excel. Be assured that we will recognise your potential and value your work. Ours is a “culture inside a culture” at Accenture, where you will also have access to the wide range of choices, benefits and career pathways that Accenture offers.

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