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How to build honest partnerships and a great working environment

by | September 6, 2021

Bringing the Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ to life

A culture of trust, openness and honesty ensure that Xoomworks Technology employees create value for clients as well as a great working environment that makes it much more than your average technology outsourcing company.

Georgi Donkov is a Software Engineer Principal and problem-solving expert. He has been with Xoomworks Technology since the Sofia office was established and has seen it grow from a small start-up to the successful business it is today, working with clients to innovate, accelerate and enhance their technology projects.

For the last three years, Georgi has been helping to take a client start-up from concept, through development and delivery of an innovative product, to a stable business.

Doing the right thing comes naturally

For Georgi, the OneTeam approach feels like the natural and right way to do things. Georgi explains,

“Unfortunately, truly honest and transparent partnerships in business are few and far between. Xoomworks Group set out to break away from the big corporate culture that wasn’t giving clients the value and care they deserved.  Here in Xoomworks Technology, it isn’t about chasing short-term goals but working together to achieve the client’s objectives.”

Early on in his career, Georgi witnessed first-hand the damage that can be done when commercial pressures outweigh honesty and openness with the client. “These conflicts of interest can destroy businesses and certainly don’t lead to the long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships that we create at Xoomworks.”

Trust and freedom breeds value

Over the years, Xoomworks Technology has proactively hired employees who will fit in well with its culture, not just for their technical skills. Trust is the default position and starts from day one. With the trust placed in them by the business and the freedom to speak up, make suggestions and give advice, team members can grow their expertise in ways that help clients develop their businesses. “We are so much more than just a coding factory,” says Georgi. “Each one of us behaves as if the clients’ goals and money are our own; we apply a huge body of experience, good practice and technology know-how to  achieve the outcomes clients are looking for”.

Sharing risk feels right

Xoomworks is not afraid to share the risk because it has confidence in the capabilities of its people. At the start of one of Georgi’s first projects, the client had only a conceptual idea of what it wanted to do. “They didn’t even know if it could be done, how long it would take or what resources they would need,” recalls Georgi. “They asked Xoomworks Technology to try and create something brand-new within a limited budget and timescale. Their trust in us, and our willingness to assume most of the risk paid off, and we made it happen.”

A network, not a hierarchy

Georgi was immediately infected with the excitement of Xoomworks founders when he first joined the company and it has not changed. “Despite the huge growth I have witnessed in the company, the leadership team have stayed approachable, and I know I can call on them any time. Part of their success is down to the natural way they have of engaging with everyone in the organisation and clients too.”

This easy communication breaks down the bureaucratic structures that can strangle a business. Georgi explains, “We are more like a network of concentration points than a hierarchy, which is a great environment to work in!”

Project-based work can be stressful, and changing projects can feel like moving companies, especially with the close and long-lasting relationships Xoomworks has with its clients. “Being able to call on colleagues across Xoomworks for help or advice, provides a base of stability that feels like coming back to a homeport when a journey with a client ends, and you move to another project,” says Georgi.

We don’t do politics

The Xoomworks OneTeam approach is based on openness and transparency. Individuals are free to speak up, and every viewpoint is listened to and respected. “It can be a big change for people joining the business, coming from organisations where hidden agendas are the norm. They seek reassurance that they can discuss things openly with the client, even when things have gone wrong, but soon realize that we don’t keep secrets and they can speak freely.”

Do we sound like the kind of tech company you would like to work with? 

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