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It’s all about the people

by | October 21, 2021

Bringing the Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ to life

Some organisations pay lip service to culture and values, sacrificing them when the going gets tough. Not at Xoomworks. Sofia-based Head of Delivery Viktoriya Mancheva explains how people are at the heart of the Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™.

We strive to embed the OneTeam mindset in all our teams, at all levels and in every role – from human resources to engineering through to operations and delivery. It is the foundation on which base all our relationships; it’s the reason we can create value products people love to use, deliver great results for clients; it’s the reason we create strong bonds with colleagues and build high-performing teams; it’s the central ingredient for building successful, long-lasting relationships. It’s both personal and emotional – and the reason why we care so deeply. 

Founded on trust

The OneTeam approach transforms a typical tech outsourcing relationship into a business partnership, where both parties share goals and challenges and solve problems together. An open, no-blame culture creates a healthy, productive work environment with deeply integrated teams, often from different organisations and locations, working together towards a common goal.

We know we’ll come across challenges on our projects. It’s inevitable. You could even argue that you need to overcome challenges as part of a product’s lifecycle. In our agile world, there are so many unknowns; it would be naïve to think we can predict everything. 

That’s where trust comes in. People trust people. We trust our experts to come up with the most appropriate solution, and we trust our partners to be open and honest. And when we say, ‘our problems and challenges are mutual and shared’, we mean it. We are in this together and are fully vested all the way.  

This approach has proven itself time and again.

Sharing goals

When we are in ‘full OneTeam mode’, we run as one with our partners. This means that your goals and vision are our goals and vision. Depending on the phase we get involved in – delivering a proof of concept, designing, building, solving a specific business challenge, or simply helping you accelerate your roadmap, ultimately, we have your end goal and performance measures front of mind. All our team members can and do play a key role in defining a project’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). We love a challenge and probing the unknown. The results speak for themselves. 

End-user in mind

All this talk about a team-first approach may be unsettling. Sometimes, organisations need to adopt a strict client-contractor relationship where the focus is on the client and requests are one-directional, and that may be the right approach. 

What we have found from years of experience in fast-paced environments and an often-changing landscape, the practice of working together in a collaborative partnership has proven to be much more effective and delivered better results.

What clients soon realise in the agile world is that the focus should ultimately be on their customers; when products satisfy user needs and offer an exceptional experience, that satisfaction cascades back down to everyone involved in the product’s creation – and its future development too.

It is personal

And what does this OneTeam approach mean for the individual? Viktoriya’s personal view is that it creates a psychologically safe place that is liberating to work in – or put in simple terms – “makes you feel free”. This is what attracted her to Xoomworks over five years ago. 

From her first conversation (Xoomworks deliberately don’t call it ‘an interview’), she says she could easily see herself working here. It was a gut feeling that is still proving her right. The Xoomworks Technology team passionately guards its values of trust, legacy, freedom, care аnd pride, and will continue to do so. 

Viktoriya’s reflections come following the recent news that Xoomworks is now part of Accenture.  The Technology team she is part of will be joining Accenture’s Advanced Technology Centres in Europe.  The idea that her new colleagues share the same aspirations and outlook, make her feel even more excited for the future ahead.

“It’s been a fantastic journey so far and even more so when you share in good company. It’s the magic ingredient you need for a promising future.”

Sofia-based Head of Delivery Viktoriya Mancheva has spent the last 5 years developing her career at Xoomworks Technology. A graduate in Computer Science at Technical University Sofia, she holds a masters’ degree in Computer Science and Technology. She came to Xoomworks, having started her career in the United Kingdom, where she gained experience in project management and software development. At Xoomworks, she began as a software developer, then gradually started building more skills and taking on new responsibilities till moving to a Head of Operations role, and subsequently Head of Delivery for Xoomworks Bulgaria.


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