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The 3 ingredients for a successful tech outsourcing partnership

by | April 7, 2022

Building, scaling, and maintaining the right team of software engineers with all the required skills is always a full-time job.

Outsourcing is a well-recognised solution to building or growing technology teams, yet the difficulties of integrating external workers into a business can create further inefficiency and frustration. These obstacles can seem insurmountable for some.

Cosmin Jibu, Xoomworks Technology Senior Delivery Lead for Sportsbet, discusses the three essential ingredients for creating a value-driven, long-term software engineering outsourcing partnership. 

#1 Shared values  

A full digital skillset, deep technical expertise and operational experience are critical when outsourcing software development, but that’s not enough to guarantee a project will run smoothly or even achieve the required outcome. 

A great outsourcing partner digs deep; they do all it takes to become an expert in their client’s business and fully understand their goals, challenges and customers.

Many of Xoomworks Technology’s successful outsourcing partnerships share similar values. An outsourcing partner that takes the time to truly understand their client’s aims, motivations and KPIs lays the foundation for a successful relationship. 

When the vision and mission between a business and its outsourcing partner are aligned, the partner becomes a seamless extension of the organisation’s team and will be fully invested in the business’ success and future growth.

Cosmin believes it’s essential for a business and its outsourcing partner to come together as a team before kicking off a new project. They need to make time to discuss respective values and goals, establish commonalities and come to a mutual agreement on the way forward within the context of the partnership as well as the specific project. 

#2 A culture of collaboration 

Cross-team and cross-functional collaboration are critical for successful product development, and the same applies across a business and its outsourcing partner. A great partner understands the full context of who they are solving a problem for and why it matters. They need to be given the flexibility and autonomy to come up with the best possible solution and way forward. Simply telling an outsourcing partner what to do and presenting them with a checklist won’t end well.  

Every member of the team, whether internal or external, should come together as one team and feel empowered and encouraged to contribute, challenge and suggest ideas and strategies that improve productivity and deliver outstanding results.  

#3 Open communication and transparency 

Digital projects can be hugely complex and rely on above-average communication and transparency. There must be no barriers between a business and its outsourcing partner. This allows trust to grow – essential for a partnership to succeed.

It’s rare for a tech project to run 100% smoothly without any bumps in the road. So, when issues and bugs do crop up, a good outsourcing partner will be open and transparent about them. As soon as a problem is identified, it should be ‘all hands to the pump’ to figure out the best solution to overcome the hurdle.  

Hiding information or trying to apportion blame will only result in delaying a project. A good outsourcing partner will be able to acknowledge a problem and come together as a team with their client for an open discussion about how best to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

What should you expect from a tech outsourcing partner?

Successful software engineering outsourcing involves a genuinely collaborative partner that understands the end-to-end product development process, adopts a flexible approach and is capable of developing an idea to the next stage and beyond to achieve your product objectives. They should be ready to accelerate your innovation, ensuring they meet scope, timeline, and defined milestones alongside budget and quality expectations.

Ultimately, they need to understand that speed, agility, performance, and critically user experience are the differentiators that can make or break your product launch.

The Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ forms the cornerstone of great teamwork and successful partnerships. It’s a tried and tested approach that removes the uncertainty, risk and guesswork involved in scaling up software engineering projects, allowing businesses to expand their operations confidently. 

To understand the Xoomworks approach and our role in helping businesses create compelling and inclusive digital customer experiences, get in touch.

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