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Xoomwork Travel Platform


The online travel market is a very dynamic space. To build a compelling proposition usually requires drawing travel products from multiple suppliers and using merchandising, targeting and dynamic packaging to create a differentiated experience with a value higher than the underlying products. It is not uncommon to integrate dozens, even hundreds, of suppliers in order to offer price comparison,value-adds and upsell opportunities, third-party destination content and more.


Xoomworks Travel Platform (XTP)

Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) increasing need to compete for customers by building better, more personal services that differentiates over competitors. Xoomworks Technology has developed a modular, cloud-based, open platform for integrating multiple product and content feeds into a single coherent interface.

Travel & Tourism’s direct contribution to GDP is expected1 to grow at an average of 3.9% per year over the next ten years. By 2027, Travel & Tourism is expected to support more than 380 million jobs globally,which equates to 1 in 9 of all jobs in the world and the sector is expected to contribute around 23% of total global net job creation over the next decade. Meanwhile, total Travel & Tourism GDP is expected to account for 11.4% of global GDP and global visitor exports are expected to account for 7.1% of total global exports.

Furthermore, the sector is expected to outperform the global economy throughout the forecast period and increase its share of global economic activity across each of GDP,employment, exports and investment.

In addition to outperforming the global economy over the next ten years, Travel & Tourism is also forecast to outpace a range of other major global economic sectors, including communications, fnancial and business services, manufacturing and retail and distribution. – WWTC, Travel & Tourism Global Economic Impact & Issues 2017



Our Approach

Xoomworks Technology Travel Practice – A specialist consultancy team within our software development group working with ambitious travel organisations to identify opportunities and deliver an advantage through technology.

XTP modules include:

  • Geography Data
  • Destination content
  • Rates and availability
  • Hotel content
  • Localistion
  • Images
  • Bookings
  • Payment Processing
  • Self service


ClickTravel is the UK’s fastest growing online travel management company (TMC)reducing the cost and complexity of travel management helping organisations manage their business travel spend. They recognised the need to replace their award-winning “travel platform” with a new system that would allow them to retain their position as technology leader and market disrupter.

Xoomworks Technology established a dedicated scrum team to complement ClickTravel’s internal resource. The mobile app component was a critical factor
as personal travel services are increasingly a differentiator in the market place. Xoomworks configured a number of AWS services and tools with the latest mobile technologies to create a user centric ‘offline first’ native with two-way data sync and real time collaboration. The new Travel cloud platform has been instrumental in ClickTravel’s continued growth seeing a 30% increase in revenue.

AWS case study on ClickTravel:


The Benefits

Increased customer engagement, accelerate bookings, simplify or automate business and customer processes, take payments, access business services and travel itineraries, provide location based services and real time messaging.

Our own, Xoomworks Travel Platform provides a development platform that enables rather than limits continuous change and improvement.

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