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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have been steadily evolving since the early 1980’s, yet only in recent years did they start to live up to the expectations of many organisations and consumers and started being considered as one of the most vital technological advancements of the 21st century.

VR, as a technology developed in labs for largely military and industrial applications, with the power to provide intense immersive experiences in virtual worlds, has now caught the attention of industries like medicine, architecture, the travel industry, real estate, education, journalism and gaming.

One of the biggest challenges of these various industry sectors lies in the implementation and value-based utilization of VR and/or mixed reality technologies.


From our 18 years’ experience helping technology-driven companies get great products to market quicker and to innovate faster than their competition across most major industries, we at Xoomworks Technology, recognise the roles AR and VR can play in differentiating organisations from their competitors.

At the cutting edge of mobile technology are AR and VR ever since technological advances have made the medium available to consumers. Especially in the form of 360 videos watched on smartphones, they transform mobile screens into a rich visual experience interface. Organisations should act now to build new business models that maximise these technologies and services.

Differences Between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR ) should not be confused with Augmented Reality (AR). VR tries to simulate reality through visual and auditory stimulation, while AR just builds on existing reality by enhancing it with digital projections. AR usually consists of apps and software used on mobile devices to add virtualized elements to the real world.
– Dr Claudio Butticè, Tech’s Obsession With Virtual Reality1



Our Approach

As of March 2017, we have a dedicated ‘VR Room’ set up at the Cluj-Napoca, Romania, office equipped with an HTC Vive VR set. It offers our developers, and all employees, the opportunity to experience a whole new world – a virtual one.

We believe that if we want to create genuinely innovative content which will capture anyone who uses VR and AR experiences, we need to dream big.
Xoomworks Technology’s talented developers have so far created VR games, workbenches, and a 3D model of our Cluj-Napoca office building2.




  • Unity 3D
  • Sketchup for 3D Modeling
  • Maya for 3D Modeling and Animation
  • VRTK Plugin
  • SteamVR Plugin
  • C# Sripting

Alone in the Forest VR Game – a short, but fun horror game which will probably give the player chills and will test one’s reflexes and multitasking abilities.

VR Workbench – a unique and innovative environment for working and browsing the internet via one’s own VR set.

VR Office Tour – a 3D model of our Cluj-Napoca office building for anyone who wants to take a tour of the offices, covering all the basic actions you can do with a Vive headset: teleporting, picking up objects and interacting with various objects using the buttons on the controller.

The Benefits

By understanding the needs of industrial enterprises we, at Xoomworks Technology, are delivering products to our customers who themselves want to embrace these new technologies to complement and expand their current business processes.

We aim to transform customer requirements into new and innovative products in order to stay at the front of the AR and VR race.

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