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Travel Mobile Services

Xoomworks Technology combines wealth of experience to develop intelligent mobile apps for travel industry.


Travel organisations should act now to build new business models that maximise new mobile technologies and services. At the cutting edge of mobile technology is AR transporting your mobile screen into a rich visual experience.


From single onsite resources, project teams to dedicated mobile development teams delivering end-to-end design, development of native and hybrid app technologies, middleware and integration services, testing and continuous development to support ambitious mobile project roadmaps.

Extensible rules engines allow for fully configurable workflow and pricing, giving limitless flexibility in crafting an offering to attract every potential customer.

“A study1 conducted by Expedia found that travelers now consider the smartphone to be the single most indispensable item they carry when travelling. Travelers are using mobile devices at every stage of the travel process, from researching and booking trips to capturing and sharing their experiences. As native mobile technologies continue to improve with every next generation handset digital savvy travel organisations should continually optimise their service and experience to reap the benefits.”


Our Approach

Xoomworks Technology Travel Practice – A specialist consultancy team within our software development group working with ambitious travel organisations to identify opportunities and deliver an advantage through technology

Mobile Development Capabilities

  • UX&D concepts to production
  • Native app development (iOS & Android)
  • Mobile services layer (Real time processing, AI, data processing, AWS, Azure)
  • Mobile engagement technologies (Print, URL, Proximity, Location, Audio)
  • Hybrid app development (Xamarin, NativeScript, Angular JS,
  • Mobile business services
  • Wallet, payments & integrations



We have worked with a major player in travel technology, with their core software being used by over 46 major rail operators worldwide and in the UK. As a technology business our Customer continually develops their technology and following a recent version upgrade invited Xoomworks Technology to develop a new consumer mobile app that demonstrates new advanced consumer services, available through a new API gateway.

Xoomworks Technology created a mobile app loaded with clever technology including Machine Learning and AI components alongside a new ticket less travel system.

We have worked with a “mobile native” technology company at the forefront of the smartphone revolution, transforming e-Commerce and digital marketing. Our Customer’s technology enables brands and the media agencies to achieve better outcomes from digital advertising campaigns by leveraging a range of data inputs, including TV, news, sports and social media to manage the pricing, timing and creative for search, social and display multichannel campaigns in real-time.

Xoomworks Technology has led the development of their core technology platform through a large dedicated team of Java developers, data specialists, QA and a full-time DevOps team. Since the company’s formation, our Customer’s platform created by Xoomworks Technology, has enabled the company to work with some of the world’s most prestigious brands and marketing agencies.



Xoomworks Technology combines a wealth of technical experience designing and developing intelligent mobile applications and services for b2c and b2b experiences using the latest technologies.

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