Digitalisation and data are driving unprecendented change


Custom products  keep real estate & construction businesses relevant 

Digital trends and new technologies are transforming the construction and real estate landscape as we know it.  

IoT is creating new ways to optimise operations, improve efficiency and ensure safety.  New direct to consumer channels are disrupting traditional business models and creating opportunities for new market entrants and bringing new challenges for others. Data management is driving new business models, and increased pressure on resources and new regulations are testing strategies. 

We've helped our clients build digital products that tap into the latest technologies, benefit from new trends to create value or help address a range of business outcomes. 


  • Improving safety in different construction environments

  • Geolocation of site workers

  • Geofencing & tracking of contractors

  • Utilising the latest AI, AR and VR technologies

  • Native and cross-platform app development

  • Data integrity maintenance

  • Time-sheet management

  • Workforce management

  • Policy awareness & compliance

  • Seamless authentication system using a JWT token

  • Platform innovation through Machine Learning

  • Automation Testing Environment setup


Xoomworks do more than just write the code, they understand the business goal and help shape the product around it. We asked landlords what would make them happy, and by using the latest AI technology, that’s exactly what we built.


Eachan Fletcher

CEO, Nestegg


Xoomworks Technology has a real instinct understanding and focusing on what their customers need and require. We are really pleased with the service provided, and seeing and using the finished product.


Karen Carter

Head of Health & Safety, Ryebridge Construction

There has never been a more critical time to tap into digital innovation and stay relevant.  

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