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A passion for technology and a rigorous approach.

We cultivate an inquisitive engineering culture within our organisation with and emphasis on accountability, transparency and shared learning. The result is a cohesive, high-performing and technically innovative team that creates real value for our clients.



We engage with Customers by building relationships, working closely with employees and stakeholders of the business to understand their objectives and the goals they are trying to achieve.



We follow an agile development methodology that allows projects to be considered as a collection of projects. We are flexible with the project development requirements and we update the requirements based on the results of the iterative development approach.



We focus on customer satisfaction and we invite our customers to be involved throughout the development process.



With evolving and changing requirements during the development phases, the product is overhauled as frequently as necessary, and we ensure the use of the latest technology whenever it is appropriate.



As we overhaul the product with every iteration, we perform tests concurrently with the development.



Depending on requirements and the most well-suited project lifecycle best practice methodology chosen for particular projects, we deploy builds in production, in a test environment and then deploy it on the Customer’s live environment.



Post-delivery activities for solutions of the bespoke applications we build includes looking at how they’re inducted in the organization and looking at long-term governance of solutions we come up with. Support teams are triaging cases to the appropriate internal teams as well as providing first and second line support for technical issues.


Xoomworks Technology is an international consulting and technology innovation company.

We typically work with C-level clients who want to innovate and extract maximum value from technology outsourcing projects.

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The unique Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ methodology deals with the critical elements of successful technology innovation and transformation projects.

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Project Management

Xoomworks Technology builds flexible delivery frameworks that ensure continuity of service

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