New B2B cloud-based travel management platform designed and delivered by a development collaboration with Click Travel and Xoomworks



The Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ methodology is no gimmick. From day one our Xoomworks engineers have been a part of our team involved in the successes and working hard alongside us to overcome the challenges.


Click Travel



Click Travel, pursuing innovation in travel recognised their need to create a new and complex system to replace their already award-winning legacy travel cloud. The cloud system would offer a fully functional online-only alternative to their comprehensive travel management service. The service was aimed at organisations wanting to manage their own travel arrangements online and manage their own accounts ensuring the best range of travel and accommodation fares and prices would be available.


Click Travel approached Xoomworks Technology to partner with their own technical team for the most efficient investment into a technical development of the solution. Click Travel identified design features of their new cloud system and required development skills including

  • Shopping baskets
  • Mobile capacity and native app development
  • Increasing automation of processes
  • Flexible development
  • Penetration testing and security
  • Amazon Web Services


Xoomworks Technology used a continuous delivery strategy and the Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ methodology. The technologies employed were

  • Bamboo (The build toll used to compile the code entering the github repository)
  • AWS Cloud Formation template (A JSON definition of all the resources needed to be instantiated in a given environment, DEV/UAT/PROD, in the cloud)
  • Github (Data repository)


Xoomworks Technology with their Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ methodology built a dedicated development team comprised of senior and mid-level Java/QA developers. Teams easily integrated with the Click Travel culture and were structured to work on critical aspects of the project and seamlessly move to new teams to match client priorities. Smaller tactical teams were created to deliver in all the areas Click Travel recognised as a skills gap in their own teams.

Xoomworks used AWS including Cloud formation, Lambda (NodeJS), EC2, SNS, SQS, DynamoDB, Redshift, S3, API Gateway, Kinesis Firehose, CloudWatch, IAM.




  • Click Travel customers gained access to the new travel cloud platform as a free tool with functions for reporting, approvals, setting policies, applying cost codes, and more
  • Customers requiring a one-off service to manage a large travel event could adopt the travel cloud service without incurring a long term contract
  • Large volume checkouts allowed customers to save time and send confirmations to individuals
  • Customers use the service as their main travel platform benefiting from an advanced search facility and all the rail, hotel, and air brands being in one system and one checkout

About ClickTravel

Click Travel is a travel management company serving the B2B sector with online travel management and booking with 24-hour access to travel consultants. Headquartered in Birmingham in the United Kingdom, Click Travel uses sophisticated technology and cloud services to aggregate travel data and travel websites for reporting and analytics, traveler security, supplier management, policy compliance, and cost allocation. The aim of Click Travel is to reduce the cost and complexity of travel and expense management via online services. Click Travel has been recognised for and received awards including TTG’s Top Business Travel Agency in 2017.