Global multi-channel online sports betting and gambling group enhances their Sportsbook Platform for their customers and secures future upgrade processes; continuing their successful partnership with Xoomworks Technology to create and integrate new middleware.


The Xoomworks Technology team’s outstanding performance for the Betfair Sportsbook integration projects has been achieved with a velocity, quality and commitment highly valuable to Betfair.


Paul Cutter

CTO, Paddy Power Betfair



Leading sports betting and gambling group Betfair approached Xoomworks Technology to create and integrate a new middleware application for their sophisticated Sportsbook betting and trading platform. The Sportsbook platform provides customers with in-play sports betting and casino-like gambling online. The Sportsbook platform is a robust and scalable solution designed to standardise the integration of future sports betting data into a visible DevOps process. Xoomworks Technology dedicated software development team and Paddy Power Betfair employed all the benefits of an agile delivery process with

  • Lean MVP definition
  • Testing complex integration
  • Rapid development
  • Prototype development
  • Real-time messaging
  • Built-in continuous development


Betfair wished to expand their services to their customers using their Sportsbook platform. Sports betting comprised 80% of their total revenue, representing the fastest growing segment of their online market. Xoomworks Technology had been continually developing the Sportsbook platform adding new sporting events into the gaming inventory since 2004. Betfair approached Xoomworks Technology to create and deliver a new middleware application to

  • Manage and integrate data feeds from world leading sports betting data providers
  • Manage and deliver real-time in-play data and messages to individual users
  • Build in a visible DevOps process for all future upgrades and integrations of applications, betting channels, and services


Xoomworks Technology engaged in the project from inception to completion leading the analysis and design phases and providing the engineering to create and run the integration within the technology infrastructure of Betfair including

  • Java & Hibernate (object relational mapping)
  • Mockito
  • Apache Kafka (distributed streaming platform)
  • Google Guava
  • Gson
  • Apache Storm (distributed real-time computational system)


The delivery model was a hybrid offshore and onshore distributed product team collaborating with Betfair. Xoomworks built the Sportsbook platform with continuous delivery using automated builds, tests, and deployment processes using technologies such as

  • Chef, Ansible (IT infrastructure and automation to free up DevOps teams for strategic work)
  • Git (code source repository)
  • Go (enabled a reliable process for timing of releases)
  • Jenkins (automation server)

Hibernate object relational mapping was used for its superior performance over straight JDBC code for developer productivity and runtime performance. Hibernate delivered a highly scalable architecture. Apache Kafka was employed to build real-time streaming data pipelines and applications. Apache Storm was employed for real-time computations, processing, and machine learning.



Betfair and the Xoomworks Technology team delivered a rapid growth in key sports on the Sportsbook platform. Betting channels increased from 5 to over 80 including sports such as ITF Tennis, Handball, basketball, and Baseball. Xoomworks continues to run a dedicated development team ensuring the knowledge and technical expertise is a retained asset for Betfair as they expand and invest in global platforms. The experience gained by the Xoomworks Technology development team and the continuing collaboration with Paddy Power Betfair supports the future development of the Sportsbook platform with a visible DevOps process for rapid and cost effective development and implementation.

About Betfair

Betfair is a leading and global multi-channel online sports betting and online gambling division of Paddy Power Betfair. Formed in 2016 following a merger of Paddy Power plc and Betfair Group plc, Paddy Power Betfair has offices in 16 locations around the world and employs over 7,000 people. Paddy Power Betfair are online, mobile, and sports-led focussing on regulated markets. They use sophisticated proprietary technology, unique products, and innovative marketing to provide a betting service to over 4 million customers. Paddy Power Betfair operates four divisions; Online, branded as Betfair for sports bettors and Paddy Power for entertainment-led customers in the UK and Ireland, Sportsbet for online betting in Australia, Retail with over 600 Paddy Power betting shops across the UK and Ireland, and TVG in the USA as a television horseracing channel and pari-mutuel online betting network. Paddy Power Betfair is in the FTSE 100 in the UK and in the FTSE4Good index recognising strong environmental, social, and governance practices.

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