Minimum Viable Product for a Fintech micro-loan platform delivered in three months with product development



The Xoomworks One Team approach has been very effective for us... I truly felt these were resources from our own team.


Alessio Marinelli

CTO, AMP Credit Technologies



Innovative fin tech company AMP Credit Technologies (AMP) approached Xoomworks Technology to create a new, automated, micro-loan platform. AMP uses the technology with financial institutions and businesses to provide SME’s with alternative financing. The proprietary platform would cover all stages of loan management and monitoring from application to disbursal and loan servicing, integrating optical character recognition (OCR) and automation.


AMP positioned itself to offer the next generation of online credit assessment solutions. AMP wanted a modular loan platform to go live quickly and have a program of continuous development. AMP aimed the new loan platform to save their customers time and money with straight through processing, data analytics, and automation. AMP determined they would achieve their deadlines and benefits for their customers partnering with Xoomworks Technology from their reputation and ongoing relationship. AMP asked Xoomworks to build a multi-disciplinary team to develop the software with expert skills in

  • Salesforce
  • Data Warehousing
  • Proven success with agile scrum methodologies
  • Xoomworks Technology’s ability to add to the team at any stage
  • with resources from multiple locations


Xoomworks built a dedicated software team following their Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ methodology avoiding client-supplier barriers of culture or communication. Using flexible resourcing Xoomworks could add skills to the team at any time. AMP and Xoomworks developed a unique architecture for the loan platform using a variety of standard technologies and methodologies, including

  • Salesforce
  • Web API’s (sync channel bus)
  • SQL Server (business logic, data layer)
  • Agile scrum as a development strategy
  • A delivery model of continuous integration with delivery on a quarterly cycle


Full stack development was undertaken based on Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) technology using Microsoft BI stack (SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS) Integrating to

  • Salesforce for effective CRM
  • SharePoint for content and document managementa
  • Internal legacy database systems

Data are exchanged between the front-end and the back-end via web API. Each endpoint calls a stored procedure to read/write data from/to the SQL database.



AMP, and Xoomworks Technology with their flexible resourcing model delivered an MVP within the three month deadline. The new platform resulted in faster B2B decision making for AMP’s customers with an efficient and secure system. Post-delivery, Xoomworks Technology built AMP a dedicated development team based in Sofia, Bulgaria and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The new team provided a 20-30% cost saving over a UK based team with a similar business culture and small time difference. Xoomworks Technology and AMP have an ongoing relationship further developing AMP’s fintech platforms.


Client Testimonial

Alessio Marinelli CTO of AMP Credit Technologies discusses how Xoomworks Technology helped develop core technologies for their users and web platform as well as providing a number of solutions to improve their front end.

Embracing Xoomworks OneTeam ApproachTM our borderless approach was a huge success.



About AMP

Advanced Merchant Payment Credit Technologies Ltd. (AMP) is an international financial technology company providing automated loan origination and loan management for financial services and industries serving the SME sector. Operating since 2010, AMP covers the Asia-Pacific region with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, and Europe with offices in the United Kingdom. AMP promotes equitable, transparent, and trusted small business lending through banks and business service providers. AMP’s four main technology offerings are Lending Automation, SME Credit Assessment Models, Credit Risk Monitoring, and End to End Lending Solutions. AMP have implemented their solutions globally and received the RBI Asia Trailblazer Award in 2015 for “Highly Commended Award for Best Initiative in Financial Inclusion.”

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