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World’s largest SAP BusinessObjects implementation successfully completed by a dedicated development team


data sources
integrated into
a single BI platform


savings per
data platform
per annum


The scale is enormous but so are the management benefits. These guys are the experts on SAP Business Objects. I know I have the Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ and technical prowess behind me, if we hit problems Xoomworks can make it work.
Solutions Delivery Manager, Major Petrochemical Company


The new single data platform for the major petrochemical company has been the largest SAP BusinessObjects project undertaken and completed. Their SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform uses flexible architecture and analytics on an enterprise scale that can grow with their organisation. Their users all around the globe have access to and security of data, and use the sophisticated sets of analytical and reporting tools offered by SAP.


The major petrochemical company chose SAP BusinessObjects as their long-term BI solution. They had previously adopted SAP Business Warehouse using SAP Bex (Business Explorer) for generating reports. The company realised how far they would be pushing their new system in their large and complex data environment. An expert consultant was required to handle the new system integration; SAP sent their integration specialist who brought in a dedicated development team from Xoomworks Technology to work with the existing 38 strong team of development specialists and SAP.

Solution & Implementation

Xoomworks sent a dedicated development team following their Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ methodology to integrate quickly with the in-house team. The Xoomworks team had expert inside knowledge of SAP BusinessObjects. The team bridged the knowledge and culture gap between SAP and the petrochemical company being mostly ex-SAP and ex-BusinessObjects.

The approach included

  •   Fast failure to discover problems quickly
  •   Analysis of performance issues followed by liaison with SAP directly to implement fixes
  •   Integration of 103 data sources from areas such as Health & Safety, HR, Supply Chain material management, production volumetric systems, SAP Business Warehouse
  •   Design of dashboards, content, and reports
  •   Implementation of an optimised security system including SAP BW, Active Directory, SAP HANA authentication


  •   SAP integrated many of the solutions discovered and produced by the development team into their BusinessObjects Service Pack.
  •   Xoomworks Technology continues to drive the conversation with SAP for inclusions, recommendations, and fixes.
  •   Over 20 upgrades have been implemented on the BusinessObjects platform in an ongoing relationship with the major petrochemical company.
  •   The petrochemical company realised a major cost saving and long-term system performance.
  •   They created a single place for all their data sources eliminating the multiple platform costs for infrastructure, management, and support.

About SAP

SAP is an international enterprise application software developer providing business with market leading solutions for data and workflow applications. Founded in Germany in 1972 and operating for over 45 years SAP is the world’s third largest independent software manufacturer and a leader in enterprise digital transformation. With offices in 130 countries SAP serves over 350,000 customers in over 180 countries, along with 100 innovation centres and 15,000 SAP partner companies. SAP promotes using digital technologies to accelerate value creation. SAP has eight portfolio categories of products, ERP and Digital Core, Cloud and Data Platforms, Procurement and Networks, Analytics, Customer Engagement and Commerce, IOT and Digital Supply Chain, HR, and Finance. SAP supports a strong partnership with governments to help policymakers improve the economy, environment, and society. SAP was ranked as number 20 in the top 100 purposeful brands in the world in 2016 by the Fit for Purpose Index.

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