Workplace hazard reporting and tracking mobile application for Ryebridge Construction
Workplace hazard reporting and tracking mobile application for Ryebridge Construction

Workplace hazard reporting mobile application

As a civil engineering contractor, Ryebridge Construction has expertise in delivering infrastructure and groundwork schemes for clients of all sizes, including multinationals, major airports, councils, highways and large leisure sector brands. They have the proven skills required to consistently achieve high standards.

They know that when working in an airport environment it is essential to make sure that there are no disruptions to airport services and that the job is completed safely, on budget and on time. By making health and safety a priority Ryebridge continue to play their part in improving workplaces for employees, clients, partners and the public.

To this end, they required a workplace hazard reporting and tracking tool in the form of a mobile application on both iOS and Android, to allow building company employees to report the hazards they notice.

The main challenge was making the right choice of database and integration between the database with the uploaded reports to Rybridge’s preferred option as the report’s final destination, a Dropbox account. Our developers needed to keep in mind that although currently the application uploads hazard reports to Dropbox, in the future Ryebridge’s requirements are to upload directly into SharePoint and create SharePoint workflows.

A bespoke application for real-time management of workplace hazards

We created a bespoke iOS and Android mobile application for workplace hazard reporting and tracking, tailored to Rybridge’s specific requirements. The workplace mobile hazard reporting and tracking tool strengthens operational health and safety management. It allows field-based workers in hazardous or safety-critical environments to document and notify of any hazards they encounter in a structured and systematic way.

Signed in users’ hazard reports include a photograph of the potential hazard as well as location information, a description of any remedial action already taken and details of the reporting worker. They are transmitted to managers digitally, through Dropbox integration, in real-time or synced later if the device is not connected to the internet at the time of reporting. This also removes the need to fill out paper forms and allows action to be taken before the fieldworker returns to base. The app also supports policy awareness and compliance, allowing users to review relevant policies at any time and requiring them to signal their agreement to comply with such policies.

Historic reports and the backend information with user accounts are stored in an auditable repository, Firebase database, to ensure they cannot be lost, overlooked or interfered with after submission. The system was developed to be compatible with a wide range of mobile devices to ensure the greatest possible uptake across the workforce.

real-time workplace hazards reporting

The results

The iOS and Android bespoke mobile application is a convenient and useful way for teams to manage workplace hazards and gives managers a real-time view of hazards from field teams. It allows the opportunity to report on hazard management and reduces or in some cases even removes the need for paper-based systems for field workers.


Xoomworks Technology has a real instinct understanding and focusing on what their customers need and require. We are really pleased with the service provided, and seeing and using the finished product.


Karen Carter

Head of Health & Safety, Ryebridge Construction

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