Lost and Found
A Start-up idea becomes a viable reality
Lost and Found
A Start-up idea becomes a viable reality

NotLost wanted to revolutionise how lost property is handled in the UK. It needed a fast and easy way of registering and searching for items to reduce the hassle of managing lost property across a number of large London-based venues.


  • Rapid delivery of chatbot software solution

  • Industry-standard front end portal development using the latest UX principles

  • Collaborative approach to problem-solving

The Challenge

Handling customers’ lost property is a time-consuming process. Registering and recording lost items, matching them to their owners or disposing of unclaimed items is admin heavy for venues and organisations. Losing property is also frustrating for customers who leave disappointed or let down, and this can impact a venue’s brand.

NotLost wanted a fast way of registering items that have been found, whilst capturing rich data about the item to make it searchable and to allow ownership validation to happen on the platform. For the matching engine to work effectively distinct characteristics about the reported lost item needed to be captured, such as location found vs location lost and time found vs time range lost.


Working with Xoomworks Technology has enabled us to overcome many technical challenges in an innovative way. We view the developers as part of our team as opposed to outsourced developers that work for another company, and we have encouraged a collaborative approach to problem-solving. Our product has evolved significantly based on the input of the developers at Xoomworks Technology and continues to do so as we grow.


Samuel Nash

Head of Product, NotLost

Developing a lost property management platform

Xoomworks Technology worked closely with the NotLost team to develop a lost property management platform. From an initial scope of a 100-day build, the Xoomworks team followed an agile development framework and used the RAT (Riskiest Assumptions Test) methodology. They developed a chat interface using image recognition software to extract information about the lost item and guide the conversation. Xoomworks Technology delivered a prototype for NotLost for trialling at pilot venues that provided feedback. Functionality was then further developed and adjusted.



  • A fast and easy way of recording lost property
  • Data control and visibility on a secure digital platform
  • A rigorous approach to chatbot software
  • Improved response times and accurate information for customers.

The results

The product is now in use in large venues across London. The platform is continuously being improved, with new releases every two weeks.

Feedback from NotLost customers shows the product is delivering an enhanced customer experience, reducing the staff time associated with managing lost property and improving visibility for management.

Not Lost Desktop and Mobile App

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