A flexible partnership supports a global travel company on its growth journey
A flexible partnership supports a global travel company on its growth journey


  • Flexible resourcing with continuity of expertise

  • Timely support and development of mission-critical applications

  • Faster production times and quicker problem-solving

Technical expertise to for global travel company

A global tech-led travel group operating several aggregators and metasearch engines for use by its partners and customers has grown steadily through the acquisition of travel agencies, software development and rental companies.

The business provides a sophisticated, configurable portal for access by its industry partners, such as travel agents and flight providers, and takes pride in delivering stellar online customer experiences.

As a growing organisation in a highly competitive sector, it operates a very complex business that sees demand for technology expertise vary from month to month. The business’s continuous growth requires deep technical expertise to continually update and develop its internal and partner-facing solutions.

Flexibility and continuity

The group needs a software engineering partner who can be flexible in terms of headcount and tap into talent resources in the US, UK and Eastern Europe at the same time as providing as much continuity of expertise as possible. Eleven years ago, the business partnered with Xoomworks Technology which embedded its software engineers to support the travel group’s internal team.

A standout feature of the partnership with Xoomworks is its ‘One Team’ approach: a carefully designed way of working that enables clients to benefit from Xoomworks’ expertise and value creation within their own management and project structures.


Confidence in meeting technology needs

The OneTeam Approach™ is based on principles of alignment, trust, and open communication. The result is high-performing teams – and quicker, easier problem-solving. The Xoomworks team is fully embedded into the business, even reporting to its management. It is a close and flexible relationship that does not involve separate contracts for each project or deliverable. The travel firm can tap into the wide range of technical expertise available from Xoomworks Technology as and when it requires.

As a technology-led business, the travel group employs ground-breaking solutions to integrate and empower its partners and maintain its position as a leading global travel platform. The firm’s technology leaders are confident that Xoomworks’ capabilities and approach will ensure their technology needs are covered.

Internal value too

Xoomworks provides software engineering support for both internal and partner-facing systems. Internally they are responsible for the ‘fintech’ applications which underpin the business’s finance functions. This includes calculation and reporting of all commissions, carrying out vital reconciliations, and developing invoicing processes. External or partner-facing applications include the main portal, which allows partners to interact with the business. It is a highly configurable portal; much of the work involved is concerned with onboarding new partners and customising the portal for their specific business needs.

Xoomworks operates agile methodologies to develop solutions, accelerate production time, and ensure that business requirements are fully met. The team’s proactive mindset and approach generate many ongoing improvements to systems and processes.

Flexible response to peaks and troughs

The travel group has grown and kept pace with technology requirements thanks to Xoomworks Technology’s wide range of expertise, flexible business models and approach. By having resources embedded in its own development teams, the business has been able to respond flexibly to peaks and troughs in demand and support key internal and partner-facing systems. With the right top software talent available on-demand, the development of new products and markets has been faster and easier.

Thanks to the strength of Xoomworks’ culture, attrition rates are extremely low. This has provided the travel group with the continuity of expertise and experience it needs. Setting up new teams and projects has been quicker as a result of working with Xoomworks. Business decision-makers have a deep appreciation of Xoomwork’s commitment to its success; they know they can rely on Xoomworks to deliver solutions when needed.

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