Realising its service management strategy for thousands of affiliates
Realising its service management strategy for thousands of affiliates

As a highly successful and expanding online travel agency spanning five continents, Seattle-based Expedia has earned a reputation as a trusted brand among business travelers and holidaymakers. It has also developed a network of 10,000 affiliates – operators who enable their online customers to use Expedia to book hotels through software embedded in their websites. 

Increasing scale of operations

The Expedia® Affiliate Network (EAN) needed support for its growing global business. At this time of rapid expansion, EAN realised the affiliates needed additional support to manage the API technology involved.

They needed to look at the people, processes and technology required to deal with the increasing scale of the operation and called in application support specialists Xoomworks Technology to help.

Technical support service desk

Xoomworks Technology set up a service desk for the online travel agency’s 10,000 affiliate partners worldwide – and continues to manage it now. Within days, Xoomworks Technology had assessed the situation, sent in consultants and set up an interim service desk by making use of their own infrastructure and support processes. Service desk software was configured, and a specialist web technical support team was established to deliver immediate value to affiliates by resolving their day-to-day requests.

This gave EAN the capacity to strategically choose the help desk software that was right for its business and then worked with Xoomworks Technology to transition the newly established processes and structures into it. The service desk was able to respond to the challenging volume of requests from partners by providing first touch technical support, while issues requiring deeper technical expertise could be escalated to subject matter experts (SME).

EAN immediately benefitted from a marked reduction in the volume of queries it faced, freeing it up to focus on its core business of signing up and optimising partners – which in turn benefitted the business as a whole.

The service desk was so successful that EAN asked Xoomworks Technology to set up additional teams to perform problem and community management. The problem team performed root cause analysis of the most challenging issues and worked closely with the EAN development teams to ensure they were solved. The community manager was responsible for populating and managing the Affiliate Forum.


Xoomworks got the team up and running quickly. They provided high-calibre people who understood our goals and were committed to achieving them. We feel that the Xoomworks team is a natural extension of our organisation.


Mike Cartwright

Chief of Partner Solutions


Quality is absolutely number one for us and for several years Xoomworks have given us clear cost benefits without compromising the high quality of the individuals and the product they provide.


Eachan Fletcher

CTO, EAN Brand

The results

Xoomworks worked with EAN to achieve the business objective of creating and managing a world-class service desk to fix problems for the worldwide network of affiliates.

Flexible resourcing: Based on this success Xoomworks was asked to manage and run the service desk for EAN and to provide flexible resourcing in order to support additional short term technical projects whenever needed. Single point of contact: Affiliates are assured of a professional, single point of contact which reliably resolves issues, while EAN can get on with the important job of expanding the business.

Effective analysis: The data provided by the service desk has enabled EAN to focus its resources more effectively and analyse the quality of the service being provided, benefitting EAN and its affiliates.

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Key benefits

  • Improved Affiliate perception of EAN customer services
  • Better quality and faster turnaround of affiliate requests
  • Reduced management overhead of support activities Experienced team management Interim infrastructure provided
  • Rapid service desk deployment Reduced risk of implementing the service desk
  • A wealth of support experience and processes at their disposal
  • Flexibility in adapting to business, product and service changes
  • One Team approach to working with management and SMEs to ensure the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java plus all recognised web industry tech.

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