Migrating data to cloud delivers savings and improved performance
Migrating data to cloud delivers savings and improved performance


  • Migration of Oracle database from on-premise to cloud platform, on time and on budget

  • Escalating support and maintenance costs reduced

  • Enhanced disaster recovery services guarantee business continuity

  • Database performance significantly improved

Migration of database servers

A leading news organisation need to
migrate a key Oracle database from its on-premise servers to the cloud.

Project drivers included rising licensing and support costs for the SunOS platform and the need for more resilient disaster recovery facilities. The database’s performance was also an issue; it needed heavy tuning to bring it up to the level required.

Database migration to the Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Xoomworks Technology provided dedicated database resources with the skills and experience to improve performance and migrate the database to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Relational Database Services (RDS) platform.

A multi-disciplined project team was established, including application specialists and technical resources from the client and Xoomworks. The team analysed the existing configuration and project requirements in detail and developed a plan that involved:

  • Building the Oracle instance on the AWS RDS platform

  • Establishing network connections and links to other databases

  • Re-writing incompatible SQL statements

  • Build resilience into the new platform for disaster/recovery

  • Configuration of the AWS-based database for high volume online transactions (OLTP)

  • Set up of new security and permissions for the migrated database

  • Migration of all data from on-premise servers to the AWS platform

Xoomworks Technology delivered a two-stage solution for the client. Initially, Xoomworks Technology ramped up expert skills using flexible rAs well as migrating the database to a better-supported and more resilient platform, its performance improved significantly by optimising the SQL statements, changing internal database parameters and increasing the available CPU power.

AWS disaster/recovery facilities were established, providing improved system availability and a new licensing model was implemented, further reducing the costs of ownership.


Xoomworks expertise and collaboration resulted in a dedicated team that would define the requirements, plan and execute all the complex tasks needed to complete a challenging project. Xoomworks was the main engine for this difficult initiative. Their hard work and expertise ensured the success of the project. This is an example of the great collaboration between our two organisations.


Client's Technical Lead

Key Benefits

Support and maintenance costs reduced.
The client reduced escalating costs of support and maintenance of the on-premise servers and operating system by migrating the database to AWS. This enabled further savings by implementing a new licensing model for the Oracle database.

Database performance significantly improved. By re-writing critical SQL statements and tuning database parameters, increases in performance of up to 30 times were achieved, with some data access times reduced by over 100 times.

System downtime reduced. The client will benefit from business continuity by using the disaster/recovery facilities within the AWS service, removing the risks of the on-premise solution.


The Results

  • Mission-critical data migrated to cloud-based AWS platform on time and on budget
  • Database performance significantly improved through SQL tuning and configuration changes
  • Resilient disaster/recovery facilities established
  • New licensing model implemented to reduce costs
  • Total cost of ownership reduced by removing on-premise support and maintenance costs
data migration to cloud

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