Automation Testing Environment for VU.CITY
Automation Testing Environment for VU.CITY


Xoomworks Technology provided a senior QA experienced in C#, .Net frameworks and react.js technologies for manual and automated software quality assurance services in support of software development aim as directed by the local VU.CITY product management and technical leaders.

VU.CITY offers fully interactive digital city models for decision making

The interactive 3D digital platform saves time and money for anyone involved in planning and development and leads directly to transparent and better decision making.

VU.CITY offers the largest, highly detailed and most accurate fully interactive digital city models, which is continuously updated to provide a revolutionary tool for architects, developers, advisors and the public sector. Using game engine technology, users can import their own 3D models into VU.CITY to immediately place their proposals in context and test their visual impact, scale and massing instead of the need to rely on physical models and CGIs.

Current cities include London, Manchester, Birmingham, Belfast, Brighton and Paris with future planned growth and investment at home and abroad.


The QA provided by Xoomworks Technology was instrumental in helping increase our test coverage and ultimately a huge improvement in the reliability and stability of our application. He helped us to fill a critical role (test and QA) whilst we recruited a permanent member of staff and helped lay a solid foundation for delivering quality product moving forward.


Anthony Jenkins

Head of Technology, VU.CITY

Building the automation testing environment

Our Xoomworks Technology Quality Assurance Tester has worked on-site at the VU.CITY offices in London, UK, in between January-June 2018 to set up the automation testing environment from scratch. Using test-driven software development processes (TDD) that rely on the repetition of a very short development cycle, requirements were turned into specific test cases and the software was improved to pass the new tests, only. The software uses .Net languages, so aside from manual testing unity tests were created using NUnit. Testing and reporting on isolated changes in a larger code base in real time was of key importance. Jenkins technologies were used as a CI tool to allow continuous integration, build automation, and to facilitate the technical aspects of continuous delivery.

The results

Although still in start-up phase, VU.CITY is already being used by local government, public bodies, architects, land owners, developers and property agents across the UK and abroad.

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