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Case Studies

Visualising the next generation of fundraising technologies with JustGiving

JustGiving needed access to C# and .Net development and software support as directed by the JustGiving product management and technical leadership functions.

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Building simplicity and compliance into managing master data

The business required a single system to manage all master data for its trading partners. They insisted that this solution was simple for the end users but offered tight compliance around the creation and ongoing management of every new and existing record.

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How the Expedia Affiliate Network realised its service management strategy for thousands of affiliates

The Expedia® Affiliate Network (EAN) needed support for its growing global business. At this time of rapid expansion EAN realised the affiliates needed additional support to manage the API technology involved. They needed to look at the people, processes and technology required to deal with the increasing scale of the operation and called in application support specialists Xoomworks Technology to help.

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Xoomworks Releases App for High-end French Travel Company

Depart Demain wanted to allow its customers to book holidays normally only available on its website, using mobile devices. The aim was to increase its current revenue, promote additional travel packages and take its product to a new market audience.

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Xoomworks Technology proves odds-on winner for online betting leader

The UK-based company had increased the products on offer to users and the number of people developing and maintaining its products had grown. Betfair wanted to maintain its success by establishing good relations with communities in other countries and tapping into the diverse pools of skill available worldwide.

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New loan management platform optimises P2P transactions at AMP Credit Technologies

In order to bring a new loan platform to market quickly, AMP urgently needed a multiple disciplinary team with expert skills in data warehousing, Salesforce and Kofax.

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Xoomworks Technology Offers C# and .Net Development & Support for Fundraising Platform

Xoomworks Technology worked with senior technology officers and product owners from JustGiving to help visualise the next generation of fundraising technologies

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Xoomworks Technology Offers Innovation Services and iOS Travel App Development to Create Unique User Experience

Xoomworks Technology created an iOS mobile app loaded with clever technology including Machine Learning and AI components alongside a new ticketless travel system

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Xoomworks Technology Provides Project Management Expertise to Global Real Estate Services Provider

Being able to seemingly effortlessly coordinate, manage and motivate resources, third parties and stakeholders was one of the biggest value additions that our Xoomworks Technology Project Manager could have provided.

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