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A Tailor-Made Luxury Travel Application

By: Kamelia Renata G. | November 6, 2018

Native to both iOS and Android operating systems, Xoomworks Technology was asked to develop a tailor-made luxury travel application for a French travel company, to increase their current revenue, promote travel packages and take their product to a new market audience complementing their existing website. The Customer’s desire was to create a bespoke mobile platform that […]

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Service Management Strategy

By: Kamelia Renata G. | November 5, 2018

We have talked about realising a travel company’s service management strategy, having a Helpdesk support team for Expedia Group, in a previous blog post, and how our support agents provided daily support coverage for US and European timezones for partners generating over a billion dollars in booking value for Expedia each year. At a time […]

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Five Technologies Shaping the Future of Travel

By: Kamelia Renata G. | November 2, 2018

Success in the Travel Industry isn’t ensured in 2018. Travel Industry segments that will see the greatest impact from changing technologies, as identified by a Sabre Labs 2017 Report, “Emerging Technology in Travel”, are traditional agencies and OTAs, airlines, hoteliers, and travellers. Every one of the travel sectors has interesting obstacles, however, driving innovation and investigating new […]

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Software development to combine global travel inventories

By: Kamelia Renata G. | November 1, 2018

We, at Xoomworks Technology, have built integration between Expedia and Sabre to create one of the world’s largest combined hotel inventories through expert software development, opening up Expedia’s global marketplace for business travellers. The project was delivered using standard agile methodologies for software development. It had a dedicated Project Manager overseeing all aspects of delivery, […]

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Travel Platform Migration and Website Refresh

By: Kamelia Renata G. | October 31, 2018

We provided a platform migration project and website refresh to be responsive on mobile and tablet devices as well as large screens, for Global Hotel Card, a market leader in the travel gift card industry which is issuing and redeeming millions of dollars of hotel spend annually through a network of B2B and B2C channels. […]

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Creating Rich Mobile Features and a Travel Platform in Parallel

By: Kamelia Renata G. | October 30, 2018

Click Travel is the UK’s fastest growing online travel management company (TMC.) It is reducing the cost and complexity of travel management helping organisations manage their business travel spend. They recognised the need to replace their award-winning travel platform with a new system that would allow them to retain their position as a technology leader […]

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Xoomworks Travel Platform – XTP

By: Kamelia Renata G. | October 29, 2018

Our approach to delivering value to our Customers in the Travel Industry, a sector disrupted by new technologies and an increasing number of start-ups offering more personalised, consumer-friendly offerings? We, at Xoomworks Technology, have developed a modular, cloud-based, open platform for integrating multiple product and content feeds into a single coherent interface – the Xoomworks […]

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Travel Trends in the UK, USA and China

By: Kamelia Renata G. | October 26, 2018

By attending their webinar and reading a multi-generational travel study that Expedia Media Solutions commissioned with global customer insights agency Northstar conducted last year, we have gained a deeper understanding of the online behaviours and trends of travellers around the world, across devices and throughout the consumer journey. The key elements we’ve identified from the study […]

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Our Mobile Services for Travel

By: Kamelia Renata G. | October 25, 2018

At the end of 2015, messaging platforms surpassed social media platforms in total monthly active users – a landmark highlighting a tectonic shift in consumer online behaviour. So, to build a compelling proposition for mobile services usually requires drawing travel products from multiple suppliers and using merchandising, targeting and dynamic packaging to create a differentiated […]

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