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How to Resource Like a Gazelle – Part 2

By: Ana Cretu | February 26, 2019

In part one of this article, you could learn about how inter-connected departments and excellent resources with flawless operation and structures are what drive growth. The backbone of the Gazelle’s success is its Human Resources department, and its inspiration comes from a Giant’s branding methods. It improves by copying what it can and constantly building new resourcing planners […]

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How to Resource Like a Gazelle – Part 1

By: Ana Cretu | February 25, 2019

What is a ‘Gazelle’ and why are its resourcing methods so efficient? A Gazelle vs. a Giant comparison According to Investopedia, a ‘Gazelle’ is “a high-growth company that has been increasing its revenues by at least 20% annually for four years or more, starting from a revenue base of at least $100,000.” Doubling its revenues over a four-year period, a Gazelle is expressing an ability […]

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New Year, same problems? – Part 2

By: Ana Cretu | February 5, 2019

Are resourcing issues impacting your business and company evolution? Is there a battle for talent? As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post the same way that growth creates new digital roles, digital talent can heavily impact growth. A 2017 Sage People report reveals details of a survey on more than 500 HR leaders in growing organisations, […]

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New year, same problems? – Part 1

By: Ana Cretu | February 4, 2019

How does a chronic skills gap affect business evolution and shifting employees’ culture? Regardless of political implications on internal UK and external EU economies, the United Kingdom is facing paramount digital skills problems, leading up to an extensive talent shortage. Emerging technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Machine learning or Robotic Process Automation could help fill […]

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Techsylvania 2018 – Networking & Insights Day 2

By: Ana Cretu | June 19, 2018

We, at Xoomworks Technology, are digital innovation specialists and so, attending Techsylvania 2018 looked like something natural to us. We’re always trying to understand new markets and the way developers and entrepreneurs help build and approach new and emerging technologies. In yesterday’s blog post I gave you the highlights for Day 1 of this year’s […]

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Techsylvania 2018 – Networking & Insights Day 1

By: Ana Cretu | June 18, 2018

Our simplest strapline at Xoomworks Technology is Engaging People, and it fits with Techsylvania 2018’s theme perfectly. We try to follow this vicariously when engaging existing and potential partners and also newcomers to the Xoomie teams. Our Xoomworks OneTeam ApproachTM philosophy may look simple now, but it took a great effort across the years to […]

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