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Project Management

Xoomworks Technology builds flexible delivery frameworks that ensure continuity of service


Certain projects require more agility in the approach, for example on projects where usage of a solution needs to be enhanced following an initial deployment. On such projects, more flexibility and increased engagement from users is needed.

From Customer feedback, we find that the concept of a signed plan being fixed and immutable can be a significant impediment to a project’s progress – sponsors can often be unwilling to commit to dates early in projects due to skills and knowledge gaps relating to the technologies or processes being implemented.


Xoomworks Technology delivers projects in either a supportive role or as a fully outsourced implementation team. The approach taken varies depending on the exact requirements of our Customers.

A hybrid approach can be developed taking the strict governance milestones found in PRINCE2 providing visibility to senior project stakeholders of key dates and deliverables. Within the milestones, a more Agile approach is developed enabling multiple work streams to commence, each contributing to the successful development, configuration, testing roll out and continual improvement of our Customer’s projects.


“The limitations imposed by our engagement in the Sportsbet world have naturally driven a need to speed up things in such a manner that the gap imposed by the time difference (Australia – Romania) will leave little to no room for back and forth. To the point and concise requirements are key in managing and successfully tuning around results.”

Cosmin Jibu, Project Manager, Xoomworks Technology

Xoomworks Technology has gained a huge amount of experience creating bespoke solutions to unique business challenges delivered through tailored delivery frameworks and methodologies.

Our approach is based largely on flexibility, agility and open communication.

Project Management Approach

Xoomworks Technology makes plans collaboratively with our Customers – delivering a draft plan early in the project to ensure that visibility of projected timelines and team mobilisation requirements are communicated as early as possible.

The project plan is updated throughout the project as required, always through a strict change control process. This flexibility helps to ensure that project quality is maximised.

In addition to a project plan Xoomworks Technology works with Customers early in the project to agree on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as tools to empirically measure the success of our projects. These KPIs are typically closely related to the project’s business case and may include metrics that relate to system usage, process cycle times or cost overheads. Where possible, Xoomworks Technology will show progress towards inducing positive change in these KPIs in our weekly reports and if managing the overall project in our monthly project board reports as well.

Xoomworks Technology believes that having a defined set of project success criteria helps to ensure that all project team members remain focused on the guiding project principles and requirements, reducing scope creep and promoting project quality.

While Xoomworks Technology’s experienced Project Managers look after the day to day running of the project and manage the project team Xoomworks Technology also employs other mechanisms to ensure effective client engagement. Each Xoomworks implementation project is assigned an experienced Project Director and Executive Sponsor.

The role of the project director is to act as an escalation point for our Customers from outside the project team and will typically be an experienced consultant at principal or director level. The project director does not get involved with the delivery project itself but acts as a vital conduit between our Customers and Xoomworks Technology’s management.

Our experience shows that this model helps to ensure a clear delineation between the roles of the Project Manager and project director – helping to avoid “role-clash” and providing greatest clarity to our Customers.

The project director will have calls at least weekly with both the Xoomworks Technology Project Manager and their counterpart within our Customers’ teams to ensure that engagement at all levels is maintained throughout the project lifecycle.

All weekly reports submitted by the Xoomworks Technology Project Managers are distributed to their Customer counterparts, the project director and also to the Xoomworks Technology executive sponsor.

Xoomworks Technology provided Project Management expertise to a Global Real Estate Services Provider. Our skilled Project Managers follow an innovative structure for our Customer’s company of 10,000+ employees, using a flat management structure to ensure an efficient decision-making process, enabling them to maintain their flexible, responsive approach to delivering the highest levels of client service.

Xoomworks Technology has worked with a central government department on large scale transformation projects where a highly structured PRINCE2 project methodology was employed. Our skilled Project Managers worked with their government counterparts to ensure that the strict governance requirements of the PRINCE2 approach were met and that all of the required products were delivered
on time and on budget.

Xoomworks Technology offers feature development on racing products for Sportsbet Australia. This includes component (reactive web, Android, iOS) and services development (Java, NodeJS) that support the Customer’s need. Working together with an in-house UI/UX developer, QA as well as a business analyst, the team is able to deliver high quality software increments as part of the Agile SCRUM agenda.

At each stage of the process:

Working with multiple partners and incumbent suppliers is a common practice bringing together specialist or complementary skills and expertise. It is Xoomworks Technology’s intention to work with several partners combining specialist data experience and knowledge with our own technology innovation, development, DevOps and support practice.

As an Amazon Partner, we frequently collaborate with Amazon resources through the Amazon Partner Network drawing on the very best people available to us. To ensure success we apply lean, agile development best practices underpinned by our Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ Methodology, a unique set of guiding principles that deals with the critical elements of successful technology projects delivered by a consortium or partnership, Xoomworks Technology acting as the primary contractor.

The Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™ Methodology actively encourages all stakeholders, developers and engineers to work with their counterparts in an open, twoway relationship aimed at achieving shared objectives and removing all barriers between the customer and the team. Core principles of our Xoomworks OneTeam Approach™  include.

  • Align organisational culture
  • Open channels of communication
  • Facilitate a deep understanding of your organisation, goals and objectives
  • Ensure problems are shared and tackled as a team
  • Promote innovation through the entire partnership lifecycle
  • Encourage participation from every member of the team
  • It is measured by success

The Benefits

We find that working closely with our Customers as partners delivers the best results as we work together with a common set of objectives, and ensures that continuity of service, visibility, quality and innovation are delivered to an agreed time line and within budget.

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