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Euan Finlay Presents

Don't Panic! How to Cope Now You're Responsible for Production

Euan Finlay, Senior Engineer at the Financial Times was one of our guest speakers at this year's IT Services Simplified Event. Euan's presentation is packed full of helpful
real-world info that can help growing businesses cope with the demand for digital growth.

Our business is built on solid relationships and our Customers continue to use us because of our unique and flexible approach.

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Euan Finlay
Euan Finlay

Senior Engineer, Financial Times

Euan joined the Financial Times as a Technical Operations Engineer 2 years ago, providing second-line support for the FT's websites, systems and infrastructure.

He is now part of the Integration Engineering team and currently attached to the Content Programme, who are responsible for providing the FT's content & metadata via APIs, and supporting the website. In his current role, he works across multiple teams of developers, QAs and operations engineers, supporting and developing their microservices, CI/CD toolkits, configuration management and their containerisation initiative - all of which are primarily based in the cloud.

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