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How to bridge the gap between Health & Safety, Quality and Production

Kamelia Renata G.

Construction businesses must strike a delicate balance between the important considerations of health and safety, quality and production as they seek to make performance and efficiency improvements.

There is no quick-fix solution – and any solution implemented must ensure high standards are maintained across each of these aspects.

Xoomworks Technology worked with one of our construction client’s teams to develop a hazard reporting and tracking tool, designed specifically to meet their needs. The production goals were achieved through a collaborative approach between the Field, Operations, Project Management and Risk Management teams.

The app, developed by Xoomworks Technology, guides our client’s daily decisions and work processes, ensuring project-wide accountability across all three teams.

How to bridge the gap between Health, Safety, Quality and Production

Xoomworks Technology brings together Health & Safety, Quality and Production aspects within the construction industry by:

  • Setting health, safety and quality as core values at a company level
  • Granting employees access to health and safety tools and policies
  • Properly preparing field workers for each working day
  • Identifying and understanding health and safety considerations and potential risks
  • Investigating construction options which ensure the health and safety of all stakeholders
  • Identifying quality expectations and communicating them to the workforce
  • Encouraging employees to measure their health and safety knowledge at regular pre-set intervals
  • Ensuring employees comply with updated policies
  • Reducing risk levels within projects through teamwork
  • Solving problems and addressing institutional risk issues
  • Ensuring a high-quality product, which optimizes production and has a    positive effect on tradespeople and subcontractors

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