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Our migration to Microsoft Office 365

Kamelia Renata G.

After investigating its feasibility a number of our business systems from past providers are now fully migrated to Microsoft Office 365. We were aiming for a smooth migration to Microsoft Office 365 with no downtime for anyone and it is exactly what we achieved.

The several driving factors for the migration were:

  • to consolidate our business systems by reducing cross-platform operations and the number of support providers to these systems
  • to achieve greater information security around company e-mails and documents
  • to take advantage of the increased functionality available with Microsoft Office 365, e.g. the Teams collaboration tool
  • to make things better for all Xoomworks users.

Our migration to Microsoft Office 365

This was a large project affecting business-critical systems. We have rolled it out across Xoomworks, executing a staggered migration, by country, in both our business lines – Xoomworks Technology and Xoomworks Procurement. Most of the work happened in the background. There was little need for some account/calendar/contact calibration at a user level once the initial migration has taken place. We have had available support across all locations.

Our migration covers the following systems:

  • E-mail from Google to Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Google e-mail groups to Microsoft SharePoint Groups
  • File storage from Google Drive to Microsoft OneDrive
  • Online document collaboration from Google Apps to Microsoft Office 365
  • Online sheeting and lists from Smartsheet to Microsoft Office 365
  • Personal Skype to Microsoft Teams
  • Conferencing from multiple 3rdparty platforms to Microsoft Teams.

Our Xoomies received an Office 365 Business Premium license, which provides one with all of the best features of Microsoft Office 365, plus the ability to download the programs to one’s desktop.
Xoomworks contractors or partners received an Office 365 Business Essentials license, which provides the same, only without the ability to download the applications to one’s desktop.

The Microsoft Office 365 suite of programs offer many benefits to Xoomies, contractor, partner users and Customers alike, including:

  • Safety and security in Microsoft Exchange – highly secure, 50GB mailboxes for all users.  Microsoft’s systems will scan for and protect from malware 24/7. The Focussed Mailbox feature will highlight the important incoming messages for one’s attention and move those less important messages for dealing with later.
  • Showing that we take our commitment to Information Security very seriously.
  • Collaboration with colleagues using Microsoft Teams – this is an extremely powerful collaboration tool and is Microsoft’s successor to Skype for Business, designed as a chat-based hub for teamwork with tonnes of functionality.
  • Real-time document co-authoring (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint) – collaborate online and see each other’s changes as they happen.
  • OneDrive replaces Google Drive, which seamlessly integrates into Office 365 and provides secure encryption through Azure Information Protection.  It’s also extremely accessible with many of the same features one knows from Google Drive (syncing of docs, collaborating, etc.) but in an enterprise-grade product. We will also be looking to take this opportunity to update our filing structure as well in order to make the most of this new platform.
  • Audio conferencing is supported allowing one to speak to people outside of the organisation with ease. No more having to work with multiple conferencing facilities.

All of our users have now been migrated over to Microsoft Office 365 and can enjoy the benefits of the increased security and superior functionality of this platform.

We look forward to leveraging all the shiny new technology to our and all our Customers benefit.

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