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Meet XT at IT Services Simplified 2019 – ITSS2019

Kamelia Renata G.

This week, we at Xoomworks Technology, are hosting our IT Services Simplified 2019 event, being held on the 28th March at the famous Hospital Club, Covent Garden in London, UK.

Designed for executives, business managers, and strategists who want to stay ahead of the game. We will discuss product innovation through lean product development by building next-generation products and services combining the latest trends, technologies and frameworks to critically add business value.

Meet XT at IT Services Simplified 2019 - ITSS2019

Sourcing & The Challenges Faced

Having spent over 15 years in the technology outsourcing industry, Steve Jackson is going to share his thoughts on the state of the market in the wake of some high profile failures, highlight current trends and then discuss key success factors.

He’ll be touching on several real-world client examples to illustrate his points and is looking forward to a lively Q&A.

Meet XT at IT Services Simplified 2019 - ITSS2019

Innovation & The Opportunities 2019

Joe Thompson will highlight the trends and tools which are driving digital innovation in 2019 and examines the themes shaping the digital agenda. He will share some insights on the business case for investment in innovation, the blueprints for delivering value, and ways of measuring success.

He will also examine successful structures for innovation, looking at the role of governance and process in maximising the opportunities available.

Meet XT at IT Services Simplified 2019 - ITSS2019
Don’t Panic! How to Cope Now You’re Responsible for Production

Guest speaker Euan Finlay leads a team at the Financial Times, supporting Go & Java microservices, Docker containers in Kubernetes, and the website as a whole.

Audience members will leave with practical tips and ideas for setting up a standard incident response framework, what to do when Everything Is On Fire™, improving things afterwards, and some horror stories of their own.
The talk will be relevant to individual contributors in teams, as well as attendees in leadership roles.

Alongside our speakers, you will be able to connect, network and be inspired at IT Services Simplified 2019.

There are only three seats left, so click here to register for #ITSS2019, browse through our agenda and read about how one of our teams helped AMP Credit Technologies to deliver their loan management platform.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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