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A Time to Train & a Time to Outsource

Martin Bonner

When is the time to train and when to outsource? 

By keeping your employee training in-house and under the HR function, you ensure that you retain control over the progression and development of that training for your personnel.
Outsourcing training, however, means you can access services provided by people who have that proven expertise and/or industry-specific experience. So, does outsourcing mean you lose control?

Obviously, there are positives and negatives to both solutions and you need to take the best decision with all the options available for employers – offering remote learning, residential, classroom training, books on nearly any subject matter, webinars and more.
Exactly who and what training service you select to offer your employees is becoming an absolute minefield. Which one is the best choice?

Just because training companies approach you and sell the concept of what is on offer does not equal an immediate positive result for your employees.
A Trainer’s talent to teach others and that it will result in positive outcomes should not always be assumed.  The format of the service offered by a training company shouldn’t just be off-the-shelf, as a standard package of training material and methodologies won’t necessarily cut the mustard.

Consideration needs to be given to the ability, needs, speed of learning capabilities of employees and the company culture and its values.
Many organisations fail to understand that the cost involved in creating and maintaining employee training is not just monetary, but human resources.

Developing a training programme for your employees should not be driven by an enthusiastic sales person from a training company – a bespoke package to meet the company and employee’s needs should be designed.  Then it should be branded and promoted within the organisation, engaging appropriate and relevant material from a knowledge base considered reputable, and a wise investment the company should be proud to put its name to.

A Time to Train & a Time to Outsource

The time to train and outsource is now!

So, when is the right time to consider embarking on bringing your employees skills up to scratch, or to outsource those immediate requirements and utilise the expertise of people who have done the work before, that have the knowledge, who have made the mistake and have learnt what to do?

We believe the time is now! But do it differently and reap the rewards.

Perhaps consideration and time need to be spent exploring how partnering with the right organisation will offer knowledge transfer on the job training and development. Give employees the knowledge they crave, but as a business complete the project now whilst the training runs in parallel.

Outsourcing or partnering with an outside company is not always about reducing costs and headcount

Since the mid-1980’s the drive around outsourcing has not always been seen as a positive move by employees.  But a relatively new trend in IT outsourcing is emerging; specialist partners are offering a degree of flexibility unheard of in the outsourcing sector, while in the past training was considered a service purchased from a ‘training service specialist’.
These outsource specialists started providing bespoke packages to assist in detailed knowledge transfer. Training can be done on the job structure and designed to meet the needs of the employee, of the business and the culture of the organisation. It is controlled by HR, delivered in-house, whilst the job gets done, the project gets completed and the business retains the knowledge.

Projects should be considered for outsourcing and at the same time, employee development and training combined with knowledge transfers and the future of the technology being implemented should be managed in-house.

There is another way to train. Retain control, retain knowledge. Complete projects.

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