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How to Resource Like a Gazelle – Part 2

Ana Cretu

In part one of this article, you could learn about how inter-connected departments and excellent resources with flawless operation and structures are what drive growth.
The backbone of the Gazelle’s success is its Human Resources department, and its inspiration comes from a Giant’s branding methods. It improves by copying what it can and constantly building new resourcing planners based on market feel and tools.

brand How to Resource Like a Gazelle - Part 2

Resourcing Q/A – Learn how to resource like a genius by getting the answers right

Phase 1 – Understand the hiring reasons

  1.  Can you afford the role? Is the industry growing? – Do you have the budget and is it appropriate? Did you do your market homework based on salary expectations?
  2. Do you really need the role? – Does your department face consistent work overload and would stand for augmentation? Do you need to replace someone very fast? Do you have new projects coming in? Is your company mature enough to attract and train a new function in-house or would you be better off with a Contractor?

Phase 2 – Set up a resourcing structure

  1. Do you have a resourcing planner? Have you set a hiring timeframe and KPI’s?
  2. What’s your brand plan?
  3. Have you set all the responsibilities of the new role together with its Head of Department? Have you agreed on the must-haves and nice-to-haves?
  4. Do you have a target persona?
  5. How did you set a target persona?

Best target personas are a balance between the needed skills and the market offer. Do your homework on 100 job title matches on LinkedIn and see if their experience/degrees/languages/expectations fit.
If you get more than a 50% match, you can adjust the parameters.
With less than 50%, take a pause – by continuing the hiring process as such, you set in motion too many variables. Will you be able to train? Will they like the role? If not, will they stay because of the culture or because of stability? Will your department suffer more, will you lose more money? Most likely.
Take a pause and change the strategy. You can remove the responsibilities that won’t fit and promote someone in-house. Or you can leave them, remove the soft ones and shift the ad to the next Seniority level. Then restart the 100-match research. Until you can find the candidates in the market.

Phase 3 – Connect. Chase. Hire. Retain.

  1. Where can you find your target audience? What’s their personal space vs. their business space?
  2. Did you connect your brand plan with their favourite online/offline spot?
  3. Are the candidates active or passive? Set an A/B/C planner: job posting/active searching/referrals.
  4. Keep the job ad process simple – don’t over-fill it with CV uploads and boxes, however, set up a complex interview process: involve everyone needed to be involved.
  5. Now sell your company, your team and your projects. Hard.
  6. Build the brand once again by calling them fast if they got the job, faster if they didn’t.
  7. Create a powerful onboarding process and stay linked. Keep them motivated, not just with Team Buildings and fruits, but with company updates, discussions, training and opportunities. Let them build the brand for a change.

That’s how you resource like a Gazelle and that’s how you become a people company. Easy, right?

PS: To view this blog post in its slick entirety, click here.

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