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Xoom Culture – Celebrating

Kamelia Renata G.

We believe that giving people an environment and culture in which they have the freedom to make an impact directly supports our impact on Customers and therefore success. Celebrating together with Xoomies also encourages fun and camaraderie among our employees.

Xoom Culture - Celebrating

Some of the ways in which our company celebrates the team and/or organizational successes are:

We actively look at charity events that will challenge people through fun. A good example was when a few dedicated colleagues decided to run 4 marathons in a week including running 57 miles from Brighton to London. One of the ideas formed was to create a ‘Golden bonds’ team who would be able to run the last 10 miles of the day as a challenge for themselves whilst being a big part of the 4 marathon team support group. The golden bonds was a tremendous success with 10 colleagues supporting the day (many of whom had never run before). They also played a big part in raising £16,000 for our chosen charity and in turn helping us to celebrate as a wider team at Xoomworks Technology.

Xoom Culture - Celebrating teams

We have a very engaging work environment where fun culture starts with management. We organise team events like going ice skating, table tennis competitions, lunch, dinner or drinks together, etc and management leads with challenges, nights out and the support of major events.
We offer a 10-year employment award in the form of a meal for two of our Xoomies’ choice, and we pull the big guns out for ten-year office celebrations as well where all Xoomies are invited for a magical evening, dressed to the nines.

Yammer is one of the places we continuously encourage posting celebratory stories such as new hires, new opportunities, work anniversaries, team and individual project success stories and praises, promotions, and also not quite as official stories like Xoomies birthdays and turning milestone ages, having babies, getting married, excelling at exams and in training, etc.

Xoom Culture - Celebrating celebrate

We love celebrating team successes, especially in instances when it was quite a complicated project with lots of technology, communication and delivery challenges and are glad to have such great teams of professionals deliver without any design or quality of delivery compromises on our side.

Summer bashes are what we most look forward to in the warm months. We find ourselves in a pocket of beautiful weather and spend some fantastic moments with Xoomies. We’ve been in Wonderland, put on our Mexican fiesta hats and enjoyed each other’s company.

Xoom Culture - Celebrating xoomies

Last December, Xoomies and former Xoomies reunited to celebrate 10 years of Xoomworks Romania! Any company’s business growth and productivity of work depend on its employees. No individual can take the credit for all these years of success. Celebrating our office’s ten-year anniversary milestone was a big achievement, so the celebration was dedicated to all those who have been part of the company even if they have since moved on.
It was an evening full of fun, socializing, carols and mysterious gift giving with our dear alumni, colleagues and friends.

Xoom Culture - Celebrating

We all enjoy a good laugh and scare, so every year we have a Halloween Party of the damned hosted and filled with magical potions and poisons such as Bloody Marys, Kamikaze Blood Shots, Black the Ripper Shots and some good ole’ Witch’s Brew. We are looking forward to these parties as we can be happy together, and just take some awesomely, terrible, frightful photos, laughing and cheering, dreaming of a future where monsters can live in peace without having to fear being hunted by the Winchester brothers.
This year, we hosted the day/night of the living dread in our Dungeon and, not only did it offer us the best scenery to express ourselves, but it also celebrated us by awarding the most creative, original and, of course, horrific costumes with a prize.

Xoom Culture - Celebrating success

Regardless if Santa has already made his list and checked it twice or not, we, at Xoomworks Technology, make our list as well and no matter if naughty or nice, all Xoomies are invited to the office Christmas Party. We celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with a different party theme each year – Xoomies get to be as creative as possible with dressing up from vintage outfits to modern or non-conformist approaches. 

Speaking of celebrating – here’s wishing you all early Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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