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Xoom Culture – Developing and Caring

Kamelia Renata G.

Evidenced by developing and caring, we, at Xoomworks Technology, have noticed that our company’s workplace culture does, in fact, contribute to the organisation’s success.

Our company helps employees in discovering and developing their talents, challenge themselves professionally, manage their careers, and/or enhance their personal growth. It is our stated goal that we want people to leave Xoomworks Technology having developed the best possible CV whilst working with us. We give our employees the freedom to be able to make an impact which encourages them to step into this space.

Xoomworks Technology runs a series of internal training events where employees can share their chosen skills with the wider audience. We recognise certified external training courses for people in chosen fields to train. We have mentors and HR who act as a voice of conscience for others to follow their personal development plans and set personal development plans through our annual review process which itself is revisited after 6 months.

Xoom Culture - Developing and Caring

We nurture people’s softer skills and actively encourage social activities such as charity events and have an annual fund for this.

One of the characteristics people say Xoomworks Technology has is – caring. We have distinctive ways that the company help employees balance their work lives with their personal and/or family lives with unique approaches to time-off, health and wellness, on-site services, etc.

We have a very open policy about working from home and the office. We have a healthy bunch of Xoomies and our staff often head out for lunchtime runs along the Thames – running at lunchtime is promoted and supported through coaching. We head out to local swimming pools or to play games of squash, table tennis, and read a book or have nice chats in our office lounge areas.

We work with Customers to keep working on site to a manageable time, and historically this is the case – our Xoomies work while also having lunch breaks and evenings off to explore the city Customers are located.
We offer private healthcare. 3-9 month sabbaticals have been granted in the past and are open to all after 5 years at our company.

Xoom Culture - Developing and Caring

We take pride in caring about and supporting employees at times of significant life events – a personal crisis, family illness, birth, marriage, etc. We always send flowers for a major event, even for people yet to join and we bang the drum for major events on Yammer, e-mail and in person.

Some examples of perhaps unique approaches:
A Xoomie working with us on a Tier 1 visa had to go back to New Zealand to organise a new visa. The process was meant to take 2 weeks but in fact, took 6 weeks during which Xoomworks Technology management supported their application and encouraged them to enjoy the unplanned time with their family.
Several Xoomies were encouraged to work from home to be able to better care for sick relatives.
Previously a recruitment director of one of our sister companies who wanted to leave to pursue a new career was helped by management to move into the completely different role of Procurement Analyst.
Another Xoomie was given a sabbatical for their month-long honeymoon.
We had one consultant who was under huge personal stress and broke down on a Customer site and then again during their review. We put an arm around their shoulder and worked it all through. They came back from this experience stronger and really appreciated the support we gave them.

We take real care to make sure we respond to Xoomies crisis points and they know they can turn to the company when they need to.

Giving Xoomies an environment and culture in which they have the freedom to make an impact directly supports our impact on Customers and therefore success – Customers continuously say that they like our Xoomies.

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