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Xoom Culture – Speaking and Listening

Kamelia Renata G.

We cultivate an inquisitive engineering culture within our organisation to produce cohesive, high-performing and technically innovative teams that bring meaningful benefit to our Customers – combining a passion for technology with a rigorous delivery approach that emphasises accountability, transparency and shared learning. Under the umbrella of our flat organisational structure, Xoomworks Technology managers are always speaking to and listening to Xoomies, regularly sharing information with them and fostering a culture of transparency.

As mentioned in our previous blog post detailing our way of inspiring, thanking and sharing, just like Xoomies do, management also uses  Yammer to share success stories and what we as a company are up to.
Our regularly held company update meetings have an open agenda and are completely transparent.

Xoomworks Technology has a very open review process, a 360-degree Personal Development Plan feedback ensuring that managers, peers, colleagues, mentors/mentees, Customers and the individual themselves are speaking and all have given their input into the review process.

Xoom Culture - Speaking and Listening

Senior managers are very openly speaking about Xoomworks Technology during Customer meetings or sales meetings with new prospects. Being open about who we are, what we do, the people we employ and the good bits mixed in with the not so good bits inspire us to keep going with this approach.

Customers noted that during their interview processes we were the only ones to prepare them that things don’t always go smoothly, might not work out in one way, and offered solutions on how they could be taken in a different way.

Xoomies are assured they can ask questions, provide feedback, and encouraged to pick up the phone or otherwise communicate with listening managers.
This can be done through anonymous feedback regarding the management team feedback, during reviews, including the one-to-one Personal Development Plan meetings, we encourage listening for both mentor and mentee, and employee engagement surveys are sent out.

Any issues and ideas can be addressed at company update meetings or HR sessions. Things discussed during our open agenda company update meetings include strategies of the company, pipeline of new work, what events we’d like to attend, what charities we should support, new staff chairs, re-design of the office and through to LTIs.

Xoom Culture - Speaking and Listening

We take pride in the fact that Xoomies make suggestions and/or become involved in making decisions that affect their jobs, work environment, or the direction of the company as a whole. To celebrate this, a multitude of events was organized last December as part of our anniversary schedule in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We started a new initiative to encourage the entrepreneurial nature of our staff with organising a Hackathon Weekend and a Startup Factory.

If any undesirable workplace situations occur, Xoomies are encouraged to resolve conflicts together speaking with their manager(s). Each employee is encouraged to build relationships with their designated mentor and to try and work through issues with them if at first, they don’t wish to raise the issue with their Team Lead or management. The process seems to be informal, Xoomies will know someone who can ask the right question if they feel they can’t.

We encourage people to always come and talk to us and historically that feels like the case. We, at Xoomworks Technology, believe that giving people an environment and culture in which they have the freedom to make an impact, to speak their mind and have someone listening is key to our success.

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