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Xoom Culture – Inspiring, Thanking and Sharing

Kamelia Renata G.

Our Xoomworks Technology managers are truly awesome in their attitude towards inspiring, thanking and sharing and helping others. In turn, as a company, we inspire employees to feel that their work has more meaning than being ‘just a job.’

Xoom Culture - Inspiring, Thanking and Sharing

We run programmes designed to reinforce our company’s culture, values, mission and vision. We follow practices that show employees the value of their work for Customers and CSR. These reflect on the individual and we share success stories that foster a sense of pride in the company with all employees.

Ensuring that we fully engage with the Customer, we celebrate success at every opportunity. The management team and HR encourage sharing of feedback.
New hires are given a mentor depending on each project and Xoomies’ success stories are shared on our social network platform, Yammer, through team updates, praises for going above and beyond, and recognising ad hoc achievements – aside from welcome messages.

Xoomies share their own updates in a Did/Learnt/Felt (DLF) model, which encourages all our employees to document and share their experiences in a structured way.
Customer feedback is requested as part of a 360-degree review process and each Xoomie has a Personal Development Plan set in place. This is discussed and amended if needed, twice a year.
People and teams see their work translated into Case Studies on the Xoomworks Technology website.

We, at Xoomworks Technology, show appreciation and recognition for employees’ good work, extra effort, and other achievements.
Project budget is allocated to evenings out in recognition of success and for team lunches or dinners, and Customers join their teams when they visit our offices.
We showcase 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th employment anniversaries of our Xoomies, while those leaving us are taken for a good night out and are recognised for their contribution.

Xoom Culture - Inspiring, Thanking and Sharing

As a company, we like to invest a great deal of time listening to what Xoomies want and how best to organise events they will truly enjoy.
So far, we’ve organised yearly team buildings, and celebrate with a Summer party, Christmas party, Children’s Day, Women’s Day, 1st Day of Spring, Men’s Day, Halloween party, short chair massage sessions, and various other one-offs, or regular events such as ping-pong tournaments, paintball adventures, picnic, pumpkin-carving contest, treasure hunt, love letter writing gathering, ice cream Thursday, watermelon Friday, Easter egg hunt, World Smile Day, etc.

Our company promotes a sense of fairness within the organisation through methods for compensating Xoomies, focusing on approaches that they are likely to consider unique or special.
Compensation is directly related to effort through revenue share and MBOs. Option awards are also directly linked to effort.

We follow policies and/or practices that promote a sense of equity between employees and managers.
Xoomies have their own LTI allocations scheme, which is updated at the end of each financial year. If new hires joined Xoomworks since the last LTI allocations were made, they are given the introductory paperwork to explain how the scheme works at the same time as their first allocations and management and HR is always available to answer any questions.

Xoom Culture - Inspiring, Thanking and Sharing

As part of Xoomworks Technology’s philanthropic, environmental, and other Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, we’ve organized and/or attended several different charity events both for the larger public and within the company throughout each year of the firm’s existence, such as:

  • fundraisers and donations
  • e-auctions
  • a charity concert
  • bake sales and charity breakfasts
  • sports events
    charity runs – HemiHelp Fun Run, Royal Parks Half Marathon, Crosul Divelor, Brighton Marathon
    charity swim – Great North Swim
  • writing letters of encouragement for people in need of a pick-me-up (MoreLoveLetters)
  • visited nursing homes
  • cooked dinner for the less fortunate at local charity kitchens
  • helped Surrey Square Primary School by painting their many-story staircases and the redesign of their gardens, CASS Business School link up, and School playground work

We like to focus on how Xoomies are inspiring others, how they participate in and/or derive value from these efforts, and there is a true sense of community through action not just giving. Our Xoomie community is a massive reflection of our values.

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