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Xoom Culture – Hiring and Welcoming

Kamelia Renata G.

Xoomworks Technology has gained a reputation with some of the best-known global corporations for its technical expertise, industry experience and excellent customer relations. We believe that this reflects well back from our hiring and welcoming processes as we strive to find the best candidates who will fit into our company culture.

Xoom Culture - Hiring and Welcoming

The characteristics we seek in prospective new employees, aside from the skills needed to do their jobs are people that can manage their own time, that are passionate about making an impact – with Customers, within the company and on their own lives and careers.
We like pragmatic problem solvers, people who just want to know how things work and who want to make an impact and break out of possible current restrictions.

We look for Xoomies who are happy to challenge themselves and their environment, that have great listening skills, that are self-starters, engaging and entrepreneurial.
Their characteristics show that they care about the Customer outcome, they are comfortable talking about things that went wrong and what they did about it or learnt during the process.

Having defined a strong recruitment process for scanning a new hire, we assess a candidate’s technical knowledge and pay attention to their personality and compatibility within the teams.
These can be noticed easily during our informal interview, the technical knowledge interview, the open plan welcome and genuine warmth, the induction process and our suggestions for mentors within teams.

Xoom Culture - Hiring and Welcoming

Our hiring process ensures that a job candidate will fit into our culture. We arrange for candidates to meet a lot of different stakeholders, management, teams, individual colleagues, and Customers before joining Xoomworks Technology, to ensure that they will fit in easily and well. This might make our hiring process seem to be more about cultural fit than skills for the job, while we truly place the same importance on both aspects.

While taking steps before they arrive, new employees receive their welcome and induction kit on the first morning in our offices and we welcome and integrate them into our culture through an induction programme led by HR.

Management and their team meet with them on day one. We arrange for a series of one-to-one sessions set up with key staff and give a complete introduction to all internal regulations and processes, and the tools used in the company and within teams.

Xoom Culture - Hiring and Welcoming

HR sends out a welcoming e-mail about to the whole staff mentioning the new hire’s job title and we ask them to provide us with a short intro (bio) to include in the e-mail with some interesting facts about them. Runners have found running buddies through this, music enthusiasts played music together and others found people to do charity work with, to name just a few benefits from this approach to welcoming.

We recognised that it is a key focus for us to help engage our Xoomies and new colleagues, support one another with a sophisticated Q&A/Knowledgebase and grow the business through collaboration, so as of mid-October 2011 we have been using Yammer as our global business social networking software.

We set up follow-up meetings for new hires in the first week, and several discussions to ensure the onboarding process was successful and complete. We care to know how they are getting along in their new role and discuss any issues, fears and find ways to support them in their hopes for their career path at Xoomworks Technology.

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