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Work.Life – Our London coworking space experience

Kamelia Renata G.

This year we have been looking into a coworking space to complement and then possibly replace our London, UK office when we heard about Work.Life, because we were thinking about moving offices since most of our people and consultants work from home and outside of the office.

Our Senior Operations Manager in London has four office moves under his belt with his previous firms and has looked at hundreds of solutions for us. He is a big fan of Work.Life and he has been instrumental into looking at this as an option for us and why we love it.

“ really stood out in the shared-workspace market, with their combination of flexibility, competitive pricing, customer service and a strong focus on community. I am confident that they would be a really good fit for the London Xoomworks operation and am looking forward to exploring that relationship further in 2019.” – Tom Ruck, Senior Operations Manager, XT

Work.Life - Our London coworking space experience

Pricing is very competitive and the coworking space of Work.Life sets them apart from the competition. The layout of the offices is modern, trendy and funky done to a high standard. They are flexible and can offer more or fewer desks as needed any given month. Customer service is spot on, they care about the client, and they are heavily community focused, lots of events going on in their spaces which clients can attend and benefit from.

During the Summer internship programme, knowing that it was an exciting part of Xoomworks London future plans, it felt like a great opportunity to do some “work experience” specific tasks from there and get our intern, George Peppard’s, feelings on it i.e. did it feel cool and hip from a teenager’s point of view.

He loved it. We asked him to provide feedback about the coworking space in a Did/Learnt/Felt (DLF) model, which encourages all our employees to document and share their experiences in a structured way.

Work.Life - Our London coworking space experience


Visited Work.Life Clerkenwell to view the coworking space and get an insight into what it’s like.


Free WiFi is provided and is much faster than what Xoomworks has at the London office. It’s provided by Verizon Enterprise and has download speeds of about 200Mbps and upload speeds of 300Mbps or so. Ping is about 3ms.

Printing costs vary – 5p for a black and white page and 10p for a colour page on the pay as you go plan. If you sign up for one of the monthly plans, then printing is free.

Meeting rooms cost a fair bit to hire but like printing, if you sign up for one of the monthly plans then there’s a discount.

There seems to be a nice coworking space community where people know and speak to each other.


It’s nice – but the other competitors may also be nice. Some research into companies like WeWork is also required to make sure that XW is getting the best deal and the best location.

This coworking office does have a nice feel to it though – it’s open, the temperature is pleasant. The space has a nice kitchen, printing area, spaces to work by yourself, open-floor spaces to work, and a very useful confidential paperwork disposal near the printer area. Their staff is very nice.”

Work.Life - Our London coworking space experience

Our Head of Dedicated Teams went along with George and also loved the experience.

“I loved the vibrancy of the office and the way that people were breaking out into small clusters. There’s a youthful, fun and creative vibe about the place that I feel is infectious and I know that XT would feel right at home here.” – David Bone, Head of Dedicated Teams, XT

They cover all of the client’s needs from meeting rooms, phone booth, equipped kitchen with tea, coffee and even offered breakfast once a week, and overall it is a really good combination of an office and hot desks when needed.

We are looking forward to making a change toward Work.Life depending on our staff’s requirements next year.

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