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Team Building 2018 at Paltinis, Romania

Kamelia Renata G.

For this year’s team building, Xoomies from our Cluj-Napoca, Romania office escaped the ordinary and embraced adventure at Paltinis, Sibiu.

Team Building 2018 at Paltinis, Romania

Our team of HR Crew took on a challenge of their own – finding the best idea and location that would be welcomed and loved by all Xoomies.

“When organising such a big and important event we usually take a look over the feedback we received last year and we try to respect our colleagues suggestions as much as we can. The most challenging part is finding the best location for 90 people as there are few places near Cluj-Napoca that can accommodate such a large number of Xoomies. This year that was Perla Paltinisului.
As this year we wanted to do something different and encourage people to be more active we chose Arka Park Paltinis, an adventure park near Sibiu. Fresh air, sporting outdoor activities in a beautiful mountain decor but also time to relax and party were the winning combination for this year’s teambuilding.” HR Crew, Xoomworks Romania

Some of our Xoomies drove there by car, while for the rest we had a bus leave from near our offices. It was a fun drive in both instances. The Xoomies who drove there said it was more convenient, as they could make stops along the way when they wanted to.
Most importantly, it helped them plan a short off-road adventure during free time slots in the schedule over the weekend.

Team Building 2018 at Paltinis, Romania

The parties were great, everyone had a lot of fun and danced the nights away. One of the evenings there was even a fox sighting on the terrace.
Aside from delicious meals, time to relax, campfire and parties we had one of the most fun treasure hunt events so far.

“The team building from 2018 was absolutely fun and well organized by HR. The main golden attraction was the adrenaline park for adventures with ropes and awesome flying fox obstacles.
It’s not an extreme adventure but some obstacles are difficult and you do need to catch your breath every once in a while – just what we needed. Not to mention the awesome nature location made it the perfect place to spend the weekend. It was serious crazy fun and worth repeating it!” Laura Lungu, Scrum Master, Xoomworks Romania

We spent about three hours of activity and had a great time at Arka Park Paltinis going through rope obstacles and tracks and ziplining along the routes.

Team Building 2018 at Paltinis, Romania

Xoomies were divided into five teams and had a trainer assigned to each team. After some official training, because we always want to be on the safe side of adventures, each team got a logo. Based on clues and riddles we had to find the order of the routes we had to go through and the hidden logos on the game elements within the tracks.
The winning team found a treasure – a case of premium artisanal beer.

“The team building was great to get to know other colleagues, especially for a new joiner like me. I got the chance to bond more with my team, as it was the first time out of the office with colleagues for me. I love this kind of sport – you go beyond yourself and it’s very motivating.” Berangere Givanovitch, Support Analyst, Xoomworks Romania

Given the highly adventurous nature of the activity, colleagues who didn’t feel prepared or comfortable with it could opt out. They came along to cheer the teams on, explore the park and take photos.

Team Building 2018 at Paltinis, Romania

Some may say it isn’t fully a group activity since one is on their route alone. The combination of these activities, however, is perfectly designed to improve communication and teamwork. It improved team planning, team roles. And it also increased trust among team members to offer a valuable and unforgettable experience.

We took the challenge to be more adventurous. As the pictures attest, we couldn’t have thought of a better way to start preparing for Fall, than with this awesome team building!

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