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Xoomies aim for Transylvania One Hundred 2019

Kamelia Renata G.

In May 2019 Xoomworks Technology will see lots of its colleagues, aka the Xoomies, taking part in the epic Transylvania One Hundred event. We want to do something a little more challenging together because we constantly inspire each other to get moving and to get outside of our comfort zones.

Xoomies aim for Transylvania One Hundred 2019

Valea Draganului 2012

Xoomies love being active and in nature, which is why our team buildings usually have a mountain backdrop. You can tell from 7 years worth of team building pics from Romania we’re showcasing in this blog post – since we are talking about entering a Romanian event.

Xoomies aim for Transylvania One Hundred 2019

Belis Lake 2013

We plan to organise this as charity event within the company so as to also raise money for our preferred chosen charity, Familia Regasita, an NGO in Cluj-Napoca, Romania involved in helping disadvantaged families grow and get past their difficulties.

“I am immensely proud of the Xoomie tribe. We have been supporting the Familia Regasita association for many years and it will be great to continue that through the Transylvania 100 initiatives. I’m personally looking forward to train my friends and colleagues so that they are in the best mental and physical condition to tackle the mountain trails and possible tricky weather.” David Bone, Head of Dedicated Teams, Xoomworks Technology

Xoomies aim for Transylvania One Hundred 2019

Ighiu, Alba 2014

The 6th edition of the Transylvania One Hundred event, a mountain-based trail run/walk that starts at Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle,) looks like the perfect challenge for us. There is an opportunity to select either 20km, 40km, 60km, 80km and 100km – so it will be a very inclusive weekend with a distance for everyone.

Xoomies aim for Transylvania One Hundred 2019

Suior, Maramures 2015

We know several people that ran the race this year and they said that it was brilliantly organised, the views were mind-blowing and the camaraderie amongst the competitors was fantastic.

There were over 50 UK entrants for Transylvania One Hundred last year and people from all over the world – a fantastic showcase of everything amazing about Transylvania.
Participants can also earn qualifying points for the 2019 Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (for all four races in the series: UTMB, CCC, OCC, TDS.)

Xoomies aim for Transylvania One Hundred 2019

Piatra Fantanele 2016

Since ultra runs also need Crew and helpers, we decided to turn this into a social event for Xoomies. Several local Xoomies from Romania have already signed up – we have folk volunteering to help organise, and one of our talented Xoomies will travel with us to take care of the photography – and hopefully, we can get a good contingent from Bulgaria and the UK as well.

Xoomies aim for Transylvania One Hundred 2019

Belis 2017

We have already had interest from clients to come with us to Transylvania One Hundred. We’ll plan activities and fun evenings with them, and also meet up with colleagues who are from or have family in that area and do something with them as well.

Xoomies aim for Transylvania One Hundred 2019

Paltinis 2018

One of our best runners is already very keen to do some appropriate training events over the next 6 months so that runners can get used to the distance, to advise with training plans, help with kit planning. Being an ultra runner himself, he can also coach us on how to prepare for the mental challenge aspect of such long runs.

We’re very excited to take to the mountains for Transylvania One Hundred!

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