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The 15 main reasons for app integration in the Construction Industry

Kamelia Renata G.

Learning to make the most of mobile technology takes time and effort. It’s the same as mastering any new skill: while adoption may take up more of your time in the initial stages, the longer-term reward is improved productivity.

At Xoomworks Technology, we take a hybrid approach to technology implementation, allowing construction businesses to familiarise themselves with the app and its capabilities, while still allowing for day-to-day work to continue aș scheduled. We believe that implementation and integration of technology are best handled in small increments, which also enables us to catch and correct any issues along the way.

More and more companies within the construction industry are beginning to implement and utilise mobile solutions – and they are now starting to reap significant benefits.

The 15 Main Reasons for App Integration in the Construction Industry

15 ways app integration supports productivity in the construction industry

  1. Apps improve communication and collaboration
  2. Users can complete tasks quickly and efficiently on their smartphone
  3. Smartphone connectivity enhances business operations from the office and across multiple job sites
  4. Apps can speed up traditionally slow and outdated processes
  5. A single app can integrate a variety of business processes
  6. Apps can be integrated with the CRM and backend ERPs already in use by the construction company
  7. Administrative tasks can be automated and executed much more efficiently
  8. Mobile reports can be generated, ensuring up-to-date and relevant information is provided at all times
  9. Apps can provide accurate geolocation tracking
  10. They are typically simple to use and help streamline the business
  11. Easy control of internal communication between all team members
  12. Safe and secure data transfers between vendors and clients achieved through cloud-based solutions
  13. Efficient data collection with instant access to critical information
  14. Paperless tracking and recording of data
  15. All data can be stored, when offline, and is synchronised when an internet connection is available

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