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A touching farewell e-mail

Kamelia Renata G.

As it is in any company on Earth, employees come and go. When one of our Xoomies recently left, we were all extremely touched by something he did.

He sent the Cluj-Napoca office and the few people he has worked with more closely from our other offices, a farewell e-mail. He was also gracious enough to let us publish it here for the whole wide World to read.

Farewell e-mail

“Hello, Xoomies!

I hate writing farewell e-mails. What a negative way to start my e-mail! Cut.

Action: Hello Xoomies,

I feel as if I am in front of an exam where I need to create sentences using some words or expressions that seem not to have any logic. Kindness, friendship, hard work, on-site visit, differences, implementation, support, understanding, lovely moments, frustration, recognition, changes, etc. etc. etc.

Well yea, this amalgam feeling in a such short period, this is what I recall living each single moment. I must admit this was the best job experience I ever had (and I had some. And yes, you might say “Sure, I bet he said that before he left his previous job!” Nope, I did not say that.) I found here in Xoomworks great friends, kind colleagues and experienced professionals. I had ups and downs during my 7 months experience that I could overcome thanks to myself but – very important! – also thanks to people like you. I will not name just a few names, because you all deserve my gratitude! CHAPEAU!

I am proud I had the possibility to feel all the above natural emotions. This reminded me every single day that I was allowed to be human first of all – and not a tiny robot that great corporations would love to have as an employee. I am glad to know that I leave at my side (and not behind) people who will continuously look for personal and professional improvements, people who allow themselves to think, to feel, to party, to be different. This is what makes us all amazing!

Thanks, guys! I will miss you. I will freaking miss you!

Adieu, mais je reste avec vous!

Iulian Foca

We are always sad to see good Xoomies like Iulian go.

However, his farewell e-mail filled us with gratitude to have had such an awe-inspiring colleague – and mixing business with pleasure, a true friend – and it consequently makes for the best testament that we have left a very positive impression on him also.

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