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Kid’s Day celebrations in our Sofia office

Kamelia Renata G.

Kid’s Day, coinciding with Children’s Day, has been celebrated yearly at our Xoomworks Technology Sofia, Bulgaria offices for the past three years. Our HR specialists tried to come up with family-friendly activities each time around.

The first year we organised it, it turned out to be a huge success. Xoomies and their children, dubbed the Mini Xoomies, spent an amazing Saturday together. We had a wonderful decoration, there were lots of games planned, music, balloons popping and screaming in the office – the reason why all of this ended up at a playground in the park so the kids could fully enjoy their day. The children just loved it and they all wished they could come back the next day as well.

Kid's Day The adorable pony Prince

Last year, parents and kids arrived at Borisova Garden, in the morning for a celebration organised as fully outdoor. We chose it because it is a park well worth a visit, its grounds are well kept and scenic and it features a big playground. The park is patrolled by friendly police on horseback, who smile at the curious children and are there to help and advice people.

Kid's Day celebrations in our Sofia office

The children painted their own t-shirts and went for rides on the adorable pony Prince at the Horse Base at the park. Xoomies gave their full support for the games with much enthusiasm, and at the end of the day, the loving parents enjoyed dinner, a few beers relaxing by the lake and took the children on boat rides.

“We celebrated Kid’s Day here in our Sofia office by organising events for our Xoomies and their kids these last three years. This year, the generous parents felt their kids could benefit from a lesson in giving back, so we used the allocated budget to make a donation to For Our Children Foundation.” Brani Marinova, HR & Admin Specialist, Xoomorks Technology

kid's day charity donation to for our children foundation sofia

This year the Kids’ Day celebration in Sofia was truly a special one. We made a donation to the For Our Children Foundation. They provide professional social services to the most vulnerable children at an early age by encouraging the constant, secure and developing family relations. They will use the donation to support their family type placement homes during summer months so that they continue working and more children will have the chance to find their new families.

Thanks to all the Xoomies who supported us in this endeavour!

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